Mammootty and Kiccha Sudeep Follow Mahesh Babu's Success Path – Here's What They Did!

Mammootty and Kiccha Sudeep Follow Mahesh Babus Success Path – Heres What They Did!

"Superstar Mahesh Babu pioneers digital payments by lending his voice to PhonePe smart speaker transactions. Mammootty and Kiccha Sudeep join the initiative, marking a digital revolution led by South Indian cinema icons."

In a groundbreaking move, Superstar Mahesh Babu has etched his name in digital history by becoming the first South Indian celebrity to lend his voice to PhonePe smart speaker payments. This significant step not only showcases Mahesh Babu's endorsement of digital payment technology but also positions him as a pioneer in this realm.

Following the footsteps of Mahesh Babu, two more esteemed South Indian actors, Mammootty and Kiccha Sudeep, have joined this innovative initiative, contributing their digital voices to PhonePe payments. This collaboration marks a significant trend in which South Indian cinema icons actively embrace and promote digital innovations, reflecting their increasing influence in the tech space.

As this commendable initiative gains traction, it raises anticipation about the potential involvement of more actors from the South Indian film industry. Stay tuned for further updates as this digital trend continues to unfold.

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