CCB notice to Ragini Dwivedi's boyfriend's ex-wife

Ragini Dwivedi

Ragini Dwivedi


Ragini Dwivedi: CCB sleuths send WhatsApp notice to Ravishankar's ex-wife Archana Naik

Ragini Dwivedi: The Central Crime Branch (CCB) of Bengaluru police, as part of its investigation into an alleged drug racket, has arrested 13 people including two actors Ragini Dwivedi and Sanjana from the Kannada film industry, also known as 'Sandalwood'. The police have also nabbed the prime accused Ravishankar, found links with actress Ragini and also say they have digital evidence of close proximity between Ravishankar and the actress. Now it has been confirmed that Ravishankar's ex-wife also received a CCB notice on Wednesday.

According to the source, CCB police have sent a notice through WhatsApp to Ravishankar's ex-wife Archana Naik to be present at the CCB office for interrogation. The notice has been sent based on the information given by Ravishankar who is prime accused of drug scandal and an employee at the Jayanagar Regional Transport Office is. He claimed to be a "close acquaintance" of Ragin. A case has been registered in the Cotton Pete based on his information. A total of 16 cases were filed against actresses Ragini, Sanjana alias Mahira, Sanjana Apta Rahul, and Shivprakash.

"Ravishankar has confessed that he was actively involved in the drug trade and gave the police some details about the parties and the places where they are held in the city. He also told the police that he is in a close relationship with the actress and they had a common party circle where drugs were also offered. Now based on his detailed information, we have served a notice to his ex-wife Archana Naik to appear in front of the police. So further detail will be out only after the interrogation" says a senior police officer requesting an annouminity.

The sources confirmed that Ravishankar BK was married to Archana Naik in 2010 and had an 8 years old child. The marriage was broken only after Ravishankar became close to actress Ragani Dewaidi. In November 2018 Ravishankar and Archana had divorced and were living separately.

Apart from this latest drug link, Ragini and Ravishankar's name was also dragged in 2017, when a drug peddler called Pratheek Shetty was arrested. However, it remained as a rumor and both got away with it. It is said that Archana Naik stayed with Ravi Shankar at the time when Pratheek was arrested. So it is learned that Archana has been given the notice to get more information about the 2017 case and Ravi Shankar.

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