This Bigg Boss Kannada Contestant's First Salary Was Higher Than Sudeep's

This Bigg Boss Kannada Contestants First Salary Was Higher Than Sudeeps

Bigg Boss Kannada season 7 is inching towards the finish line.

Bigg Boss Kannada season 7 is inching towards the finish line. The TV reality show which is usually restricted to 100 days has gone beyond the time period and extended up t o 113 days.This means Kannada Bigg Boss 7 is all set to wrap up in a matter of two weeks from now.

The TV show's host Sudeep said in a recent interview that each contestant would be paid a whopping Rs 50 lakhs. This is a fat pay cheque for all the contestants on the show given the fact that they were drawing a meager amount before entering the Bigg Boss house. Wonder how much salary Bigg Boss Kannada 7 contestants earned before being a part of the show? As per reports the figures are nothing to rave about.

A few contestants' first salary was anywhere between 1000 and 1500 rupees!

It is learnt that Bhoomi Shetty would do an evening job at Domino's pizza outlet when she was pursuing her BA. At that time, her take home salary would be Rs 4,500. Out of this she would pay 4k as PG charges while she would use the remaining Rs 500 for bus charge.

Deepika Das says she would earn Rs 2000 a day. But then she didn't have a banj account then so they would write out a cheque in her mother's name. Priyanka would earn Rs 1000 in which she is said to have bought a dress.

Chandan Achar says he was paid Rs 20,000 during his Rangaayan project days. He says that he paid a part of the amount to his mother while he used the remaining money to buy himself a cellphone. Guess how much was Bigg Boss Kannada 7 contestant Kuri Prathap's first salary? He saus he was getting Rs 1500. But he said he doesn't remember what he did that money. It was then that Sudeep stunned them by saying that Kuri Prathap earned more than the actor.

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