Bigg Boss Episode 75 Highlights

Bigg Boss Episode 75 Highlights

Bigg Boss Episode 75 Highlights


The episode started with Shannu talking with Sunny. The latter said he is fine and hugged Ravi too.

The episode started with Shannu talking with Sunny. The latter said he is fine and hugged Ravi too. While talking to Maanas, Sunny said that Siri calls her rude behavior as a strategy but calls his behavior unacceptable. Maanas also said that it was Shannu who raised the point of wearing the tshirts in the right way. Ravi and Sreeram discussed the powers and Sreeram says that the first card will have destructive power.

Ravi gets into the power room and picks up the first card saying that he will give it to Sunny. Sunny doesn't show any interest in it and says that he will not take it. Ravi says that he can not deny it and should follow the protocol. Sunny jokes on Kajal and she goes away crying. Sunny apologizes to her. The power is that Sunny can replace someone and dig gold in the mine. He takes up Sreeram's place. Maanas and Anne start the captaincy contender task.

Anne wins becoming the third captaincy contender. While talking to the camera, Sunny says that Ravi has been doing everything and send him by provoking him but only make him a fool. Sunny and Kajal have a funny conversation in the night. Kajal says that Siri has been maintaining distance from her even after the nominations. Maanas and Priyanka have a fight and the latter threw a pillow at him.

The next day started with the housemates dancing to 'Jeevitham Ante Poratam' song. While talking to Sunny, Priyanka says that Maanas is not even treating her like a human being and she is unable to take it. Shannu and Siri becomes dull thinking about their respective partners. Maanas, Kajal, and Sunny gets an opportunity to become a captaincy contender by playing a task. Maanas wins the task becoming the fourth captaincy contender.

Siri throws a note 'I hate you' to Shannu. He apologizes to her. Siri-Shannu, Sunny-Kajal, Maanas-Priyanka, Anne-Sreeram pair up for the Cera house task where there will be a quiz about the house. Sreeram and Anne won the task. Kajal to Sunny says that Ravi is trying to get 4 girls in the captaincy contenders task. But, Sunny says that they are afraid to play a physical task with Maanas and are saying such things.

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