Bigg Boss: Episode 81 Highlights

Bigg Boss Episode 82 Highlights

Bigg Boss Episode 82 Highlights


The episode started with Priyanka winning the chair

The episode started with Priyanka winning the chair. Ravi and Siri become the bottom performers. Priyanka saved Ravi. Siri cried. Shannu sat in the chair and he has to pick between Ravi and Priyanka and Ravi. Priyanka says that this is her last opportunity to become a captain and her community people will be very happy as well. Shannu saved Ravi saying that he wants to pay back to him.

Kajal asked Shannu to think about their community before taking the decision. Shannu asked her not to bring community word and his decision has nothing to do with it. Kajal and Shannu argue. Priyanka leaves crying. Shannu also hugged Siri and cried. The housemates took their calls to vote for the captaincy. Siri voted Shannu. Sreeram voted Ravi. Kajal voted Shannu. Maanas voted Shannu. Priyanka said that she doesn't want to vote for any.

Sunny voted Shannu. With the majority of votes, Shannu becomes the last captain of the house. The next day started with the housemates dancing to the 'Bandi Bandi Railubandi' song. Bigg Boss gives the 'BB Express' task to the housemates as a luxury budget task where the housemates will become train compartments and have to move like a train. Bigg Boss asked Siri to wear the mic and Shannu scolds her. Bigg Boss makes the housemates practice the drills like fast forward, pause, release, etc.

The housemates go on pause. Kajal's husband and daughter enter the Bigg Boss house. They talk with all the housemates. Kajal's daughter says that she cursed Sreeram and Ravi twice when they nominated Kajal and she felt happy when Anne got evicted. Shannu said to the camera that he wants to know who will come to visit him. After spending some time, Kajal's family leaves the BB house.

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