Bigg Boss Season 5 Episode 10 Highlights

Bigg Boss Season 5 Episode 10 Highlights

Bigg Boss Season 5 Episode 10 Highlights


The episode started with Ravi and Nataraj talking about the nominations.

The episode started with Ravi and Nataraj talking about the nominations. Priyanka and Swetha Varma are also discussing about the nominations. Swetha said how Uma of that age behaves in such a way with Anee master. Ravi and Lahari are seen taking about Lobo and how he is behaving differently in the nominations and is giving silly reasons. The next day started with the housemates dancing for 'Mukkala' song. Sunny asked how Swetha is doing and the latter claimed that she just need some time.

Sunny said that Uma should show both anger and love but the latter claimed that she doesn't know how to show love and she can not change. Bigg Boss starts the captaincy task. In the first part, the contestants gets divided into Team Eagle and Team Wolf and the teammates have their dugouts in other team's area. Every team should get their battons from their dugouts and safely hide them. For every batton, they get a flag and team with more flags will win.

The housemates start the task. Sunny, Swetha and some other hold Siri and take her batton. Shannu said that it is wrong that Sunny lifted Siri's dress and he doesn't have any ethics. Siri also blamed that Swetha intentionally hit her head. Siri hides another batton in her dress and Sunny complains about it but Shannu said that everyone are doing the sane and they didn't start it. Viswa and Ravi get into a heated argument as Lobo gets unconscious. Ravi blames it on Sreerama Chandra and the latter claimed that he was just trying to help Lobo.

Meanwhile, Kajal tears some of the battons of other team. Manas keeps the batton in his pant and Kajal tries to hide him. Lahari tried to drag Siri and the latter yelled that she also can do the same. Sunny asked Siri to play the game and Siri asked him to be in his limits. Ravi asks Lobo to quit smoking as it is affecting his health and Lobo said that he will take care. Ravi tried to solve the issue by trying to convince Viswa but the latter claimed that he didn't expect from him. Ravi apologizes and Viswa also accepts.

Bigg Boss starts the second task and asks the housemates to hold the game and count the battons. Siri finds one of their battons and tries to take it. But when trying to ask, Sreerama Chandra had an argument with Sunny. Manas explains that the game is in hold and they cannot take it. The episode ended with Siri putting the batton back.

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