Bigg Boss Telugu OTT: Shree Rapaka Gets Eliminated In The Third Week…

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT: Shree Rapaka Gets Eliminated In The Third Week…

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT: Shree Rapaka Gets Eliminated In The Third Week…


  • Challengers' team member Shree Rapaka gets eliminated from the show!
  • Host Nagarjuna showed off his anger on a few contestants and suggested them to correct their mistakes!

The most-awaited third weekend episode of the Bigg Boss OTT Telugu aired shortly on the Disney+ Hotstar OTT platform. As expected the host Nagarjuna made his entry on the stage with a modish outfit. He shook his legs to a peppy number and showed off his anger side on the contestants who didn't perform well this week.

At the starting of the episode itself, he poked RJ Chaitu and Bindu's pics and shouted at them for wasting the food. He then congratulated captain Anil. He punished Chaitu by asking him to fast tonight and took a promise from Bindu Madhavi to not repeat her mistake of throwing the plate. Then comes the turn of Shiva as Nagarjuna played the video of Shiva using a double-meaning dialogue on Sarayu. He ordered to open the gates and asked Shiva to move out! But as everyone requested Nag sir to give him one last chance.

In the first chance, Ashu and Akhil become safe and on this occasion Akhil got emotional reminiscing his father as he suffered from a brain stroke recently and is suffering from amnesia now. Then Nagarjuna expressed his disappointment on Mithraw as she failed to control her team being inspector. He then questioned Mahesh that why he was the worst performer and suggested him to control his aggressive nature. He then asked why Tej chose Anil as captain and said contestants to vote on her decision as a few said she was unfair. He also asked Sravanthi to stop being impulsive as she misunderstood Sarayu.

This week also Nagarjuna asked the contestants to give a red heart to their favourite player and a black heart to the worst player of the week.

Bindu Madhavi: black heart to Mithraw and red heart to Ajay.

Shiva: black heart to Natraj master and red heart to Ashu

Tejaswi Madivada: black heart to Bindu and red heart to Mithraw

Ariyana: black heart to Mahesh and red heart to Akhil

Hamida: black heart to Sravanthi and red heart to Chaitu

Sravanthi: black heart to Mithraw and red heart to Akhil

Natraj master: black heart to Bindu and red heart to Teju

Shree Rapaka: black heart to Mithraw and red heart to Shiva

Ashu: red heart gave Mithraw but she rejected thus she gave it to Akhil and black heart to Shiva

Mahesh: red heart to Shiva and black heart to Natraj master

As Akhil got maximum red hearts, he got the 'Loved' badge while Mithraw got most black hearts and thus she got the 'hated' badge. She turned emotional and said all her team members cornered her and said, everything she did in the task was to make her team win and they only didn't understand her.

Next, it was a fun task as the girls and boys are divided into groups and they all played Dum Charades. They all danced together and had loads of fun.

Finally, the most important task of the day, Shree Rapaka is eliminated from the show and she was all happy as she is going to meet her family especially her brother. When she came to the stage Nagarjuna asked her to pick the 5 most trusted housemates and 3 most non-trusted members.

Trusted Ones: Ashu, Teju, Bindu, Akhil and Chaitu

Non-trusted Ones: Mithraaw, Sravanthi and Akhil

The weekend episode ended by bidding adieu to Shree Rapaka…

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