These reel-life characters remind us of real-life teachers

These reel-life characters remind us of real-life teachers

These reel-life characters remind us of real-life teachers


In our culture, teachers have been revered as gods and sometimes they also become our mentors.

In our culture, teachers have been revered as gods and sometimes they also become our mentors. It has been said that after mother and father, Guru's should be prayed.

That's the position, we have given to our teachers. Teachers play an important role in shaping a student's career. There are a lot of teachers we hate but there some whom we cannot forget for life, they are our inspirations, encouragement and influence.

This Teacher's day, let's celebrate some of the best on-screen teacher portrayals in Telugu movies that inspired us and made us understand the efforts our teachers put in to shape our futures.

Venkatesh – Sundarakanda

"Sundarakanda" is a 1992 blockbuster directed by K Raghavendra Rao. Venkatesh played the role of a Telugu teacher. His character in the movie is that of a soft-spoken teacher who is quite committed to his profession.

The movie revolves around his student Roja, and his wife Nanchari. Roja keeps following him expressing her love but he rejects it. Instead he councils her and helps her see that it is not right for a teacher and student to be romantically involved.

The movie was critically acclaimed and well received by family audience due to its sentimental values. It is still remembered as one of the best performances in Venkatesh's entire career.

This film stands as a slipper shot for some teachers who try to advantage from students.

Chiranjeevi – Master

In "Master", directed by Suresh Krisna, Chiranjeevi did a brilliant job as a super cool lecturer. Chiranjeevi is called upon by his old teacher to discipline his students who are out of control.

The way he changes the students is appreciated by audience. Student-teacher relationship was redefined in this movie.

This is one of the milestone movies of Chiranjeevi which was well received by the audience and left all students dreaming about a teacher like him.

NTR- Badi Pantulu

"Badi Pantulu" is one of the classic movies of NTR which was released in 1972. The movie was a remake of a Kannada film called "School Teacher".

The film is about an honest school teacher, who leads life with certain moral values. After retirement, his children abandon him and sell the house that he and his wife lived in, which was built for him by his students.

One of his students who becomes a police officer, buys the house in an auction and gives it back to his master.

This student-teacher relationship was beautifully portrayed in this movie. In this film, the value of the student-teacher relationship was shown higher than familial bonds.

Balakrishna - Simha

Natasimha Balakrishnna played an Engineering college professor in the movie. With his unique acting style, Balayya brought a new shade to the character.

Usually, we see teachers who give the moral lessons but Balakrishna is shown as a practical man who believes in fighting the evil hands on.

He exemplifies the qualities of a strong teacher who is willing to help his students beyond the boundaries of college.

His character in the movie reminds us of those teachers who never hesitated to go the extra mile for us.

Sumanth & Swathi - Golconda High School

"Golkonda High School" is a sports drama film directed by Mohan Krishna Indraganti.

The film features Sumanth and Swathi Reddy in the lead roles. Swathi played the Anjali teacher character and Sumanth as cricket coach Sampath.

The way Sumanth reacted when one of his students is in trouble is the best part of the film. Those two characters make us remind our teachers who supported us in our schooling.

Rajendra Prasad- Onamalu

"Onamalu" is a movie loaded with philosophical values starring renowned actor Rajendra Prasad. The story is about a patriotic schoolmaster who returns to his village after few years in the US.

Astounded by the condition of the village he decides to work for the betterment of the village. His aim becomes to teach the people the basic values of life and community cantered living.

A schoolmaster with his simple initiatives and brave heart restores the peace and harmony in the village.

Rajendra Prasad with his excellent acting skills reminds us of the traditional schoolmaster who not only preach in the classroom but always strive for the betterment of the society.

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