BRF meet manifests China's evil intentions

BRF meet manifests China

India, as expected, sat out of the second Belt and Road Initiative meet in Beijing.

India, as expected, sat out of the second Belt and Road Initiative meet in Beijing. It is clear why India opted out of Beijing meet and it is also not showing undue interest in trying to force India into a deal in this regard, as it knows it is well-nigh impossible.

The leaders of about 40 foreign governments are attending the second Belt and Road Forum (BRF), which has begun in Beijing on Friday, but India is boycotting the meeting.

India's absence is not surprising, and there is no need to read too much into it. As China admits the relationship of the world's two most populous countries is more complex than many other bilateral relationships, such as those of India and most of its other neighbours.

Collaboration and competition both contribute to establishing comprehensive ties between the two emerging economies, and coordination on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is just a small part.

The Chinese government's mouthpiece has gone ahead and explained the same to everyone interested in knowing why India has opted out once again. That is a pragmatic approach rather, one should say.

China feels that India which has become stronger than in the past, seems to have become more sensitive to changes in South Asia. India's apprehension follows several reasons in this regard.

It is not just because the China Pak Economic Corridor, which is a grand part of the BRI in this region passes illegally through Pak occupied Kashmir region. The whole programme lacks transparency.

Moreover, the experience of several smaller countries dealing with China commerce-wise is an eye-opener. The hunger of China for land is pushing it towards more and more lending to several other countries only to tighten its noose against their economies and finally to drive them into submission.

Many possibilities lie ahead for the two countries. Yes. But, BRI is and cannot be the one to happen. China always insists that no problem could be solved overnight, and it would take a long time to amicably arrive at solutions acceptable to everyone.

The fact is that more often the problem itself arises out of China's devious policies. Believing Chinese leaders is almost suicidal. Secondly, its moralistic stand and sermonizing on values and friendship are laughable at the best.

One need not wait for any official announcement from the Chinese authorities over anything to understand what they think and want to do. The propaganda its pro-government media launches years ahead of any issue cropping up itself is evidence enough.

Mutual trust that the Northern neighbour seeks is not easy to come by. Whenever India extended a hand of friendship, China tried to backstab us. Its string of pearls policy is not aimed at making friendship with India, but to choke it from all corners.

Even to this day, it keeps claiming all of Arunachal and does not even talk about the CPEC violations. BRI is meant to promote Chinese goods and companies.

The SEZs' around the BRI are prime Chinese properties owned by premiere Chinese companies. Ask Pakistan to know the truth. Or the Sri Lankans'? Or even the African nations? India's wisdom is appreciable on this count!

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