Oppn leaders lose touch with reality

Oppn leaders lose touch with reality

The 2024 elections have proved that the opposition refuses to change. It has proved that it has no road map. It has proved that it does not want to...

The 2024 elections have proved that the opposition refuses to change. It has proved that it has no road map. It has proved that it does not want to give straight answers to questions. The opposition feels that alliances are important but not values in politics. But they will claim to be defenders of democracy.

The opposition, particularly the Congress, can emerge as a political force only if it learns to call a spade a spade. It needs to go in for total makeover. It should have the courage to accept that their alliance partners had done wrong, and not duck or try to protect them if they do something wrong. But there is no such visible sign. It never opened its mouth when DMK made objectionable comments on Sanatan Dharma.

If Rahul Gandhi or any other top leader of Congress had said that DMK was wrong and they didn’t subscribe to it, their stock would have gone up. One fails to understand why the grey-haired and self- styled intellectuals in Congress fail to understand this simple funda.

It is a fact that there is dissatisfaction with BJP and Modi among people. But the opposition failed to convert this into anger and thereby turn the tide in their favour. There are allegations of AAP getting funds from many donors from abroad in violation of the rules. But the Congress or the other alliance partners have nothing to say. But, Rahul does not bat an eyelid to criticise Adanis and Ambanis whom the UPA government, too, favoured a lot.

An attack on Rajya Sabha MP of AAP takes place in Delhi Chief Minister’s house. Not a word of condemnation from the Congress or the alliance partners. On the other hand, Kejriwal says, “I was arrested and even my PA was arrested.” Why not? Are they above law? Are they “Doodh ke Dhule” (Pure souls)? The Congress does not speak about controversial Delhi liquor policy which has become a major scam.

A journalist is attacked in the headquarters of AAP by media coordinator, their cameras damaged. The INDI bloc and Rahul Gandhi who claim to be the protectors of democracy and Constitution and running ‘Mohabbat ki Dukan’ did not pull down the shutters of their ‘Dukan.’ Can Rahul show which page of the Constitution he holds gives right to such attacks.

Well, here another point that all political parties need to ponder (they will not) is that appointing their chamchas as media coordinators who do not know what media and its importance is. All that they know is anyone who questions is their enemy. They are political illiterates and ‘Jee huzoor’ kind of people. The present set of politicians is not accessible to the voters; they are not accessible to the media and have no responsibility. But they claim to be the protectors of democracy.

Till 90’s there were no media coordinators. Every party used to have general secretaries who used to interact with party presidents every day, take briefing on what to say on important issues and take critical questions with smile and give their own explanation and put forward the party stand before the media. The media persons were never treated as enemies. Now there is no such system.

The political parties probably got blinded by corporate culture and they messed up everything. They could not adopt corporate culture nor have they retained their original political culture. They feel that their job is to keep their bosses away from media. Unless the leaders come out of ivory towers, give up arrogance and be people-friendly, there is no scope of ‘Ache Din’ for them.

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