Petty politics over Tiranga festivities

Petty politics over Tiranga festivities

Finally, even the Tiranga issue has become political in this country. It had to be sooner.

Finally, even the Tiranga issue has become political in this country. It had to be sooner. Only there was no occasion. New Parliament complex has been questioned. War memorial has been questioned. The Constitution itself was amended many times and the national emblems had been questioned. Because the Opposition seeks to question the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP, they go to any extent. The idea of the nation, too, was challenged by Rahul Gandhi sometime back. Revocation of the Special Status given to Kashmir had come under the Opposition fire.

Tiranga is not an idea. One can always differ with the government programmes and call them propagandist. Why the opposition to the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav? Isn't it really a celebration for the Indians? Pandit Jawaharal Lal Nehru in describing the flag while presenting it to the Constituent Assembly had said: "Therefore, this flag that I have the honour to present to you is a flag of freedom. And wherever it may go – and I hope it will go far – not only where Indians dwell as our ambassadors and ministers but across the far seas where it may be carried by Indian ships, wherever it may go it will bring a message that Indians want to be friends with every country of the world and India wants to help any people who seek freedom. That I hope will be the message of this flag." He went ahead to add that even as he presented the flag to the assembly in simple language, "I am sure that many in this House will feel that glow and warmth."

Why is the warmth absent among a section of the people and politicians of today when they look at the flag? As Nehru said, "cannot we face all the disagreeable things that face us in the present or may do so in the future and we shall not flinch and we shall not falter and we shall not quit?"

Dr S Radhakrishnan said "this flag tells us 'be ever alert, be ever on the move, go forward, work for a free, flexible, compassionate, decent, democratic society in which Christians, Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists will all find a safe shelter." One could also say that the 'safe shelter' does not look so safe now. Does it? Well, political parties come and go. Ideologies are attempted to be implemented. India and Indians have seen it all in the past. They have faced some of the most turbulent times in the hands of invaders and religious fanatics. As in her 'final speech' on the occasion, Dr Sarojini Naidu said she had to sport a tricolour, with torn strips of saris' at Berlin at an international conference which she attended along with 42 nations representatives. Everyone had her own flag except Sarojini Naidu. She had faced such moments earlier at Paris Opera House and at a New York peace celebration too. But the worst anguish of all was when the nations of Asia met at Delhi on the inspiration of Jawaharlal Nehru where all countries had displayed their flag despite the meet being apolitical one. But, India did not. Today we salute this flag under which so many hundreds and thousands of us have fought and suffered. This one is an Indian flag, not of a political party. Shall we hoist our pride? Done?

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