Telangana government should explore State's tourism potential

Telangana government should explore State’s tourism potential

Telangana government should explore State’s tourism potential 


While implementing welfare measures for those who really deserve it, the Telangana government should broaden its outlook and explore the potential of tourism sector to generate good revenue

While implementing welfare measures for those who really deserve it, the Telangana government should broaden its outlook and explore the potential of tourism sector to generate good revenue. During the agitation for separate Telangana, this was one of the issues the TRS had raised and had said that tourism sector has been grossly neglected in the region though it has tremendous potential to create direct and indirect jobs and can fill the coffers of the State. Though six years have passed by, not much efforts have been made to give push to the tourism sector in the State.

Globally tourism is growing in leaps and bounds but here even if one wants to go for a day's outing, there are hardly any proper places or facilities. We still have not been able to sort out basic infrastructural issues. There appears to be systemic neglect and lack of interest on the part of the government. Tourism promotion is not an easy task. It requires synergy among various players, both government and private. A few five-star hotels, spas and resorts cannot attract tourists. This sector has been most disorganised and there has been no professional approach to convert it into a money earning sector. Government officials alone cannot give boost to Tourism in the State.

Unless there is professionalism and unless the public and private sectors work in unison, the tourism sector can never grow in the State. There is an urgent need to first identify high calibre professionals and intention to invest in creating necessary engines to develop infrastructure facilities and then a perfect marketing strategy wherein there should be single window system which can help the potential tourist from planning to different options of stay, transport and helping in entire travel itinerary. It should be on a mission mode and become part of 'Incredible India' campaign. The State government needs to develop effective and attractive communication system and popularise tourist spots through brochures, attractive promotional films focussing the tourism facilities, the ambience of the place, and various packages that are available to suit different budgets.

This sector has tremendous potential to create several jobs and as in Rajasthan or Gujarat, the taxi drivers should be well trained to perform the jobs of story tellers. They should just not be mere drivers but should be more of guides and should be explaining the history and importance of the place they are going to visit during the journey.

They need to be well groomed and good in communication skills. Even the tour operators should be encouraged properly and should be given some incentives to promote sustainable and responsible tourism which should be aimed at getting high customer satisfaction and rating. If Rajasthan could utilise its desert, If Gujarat could sell Kutch as tourist destination, why can't Telangana with several potential tourism spots learn to earn revenue by encouraging this sector? It can focus both on ecotourism and temple tourism. What is lagging and what is required is strong determination to accord high priority to this sector. Such schemes will help people earn good money and the need to give freebies or financial doles can be reduced over a period. This would be real people's participation in development.

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