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US poll results and global politics


It is going to be a long and agonising wait for the Americans

It is going to be a long and agonising wait for the Americans. Have they dumped Donald Trump in the dustbin as had been asked by Joe Biden? Or is the former still kicking around with all his might? How long will Trump fight to retain a second term? If Biden loses now, will the democrats ever become confident enough to face the elections? For that matter, is it going to be a so near, yet so far case for Biden? Anyway if the US is not sure of what it needs and who should be governing it, there is little that the world could do.

The immense interest that the world has in it, is because it affects all of us. Whether the President prefers to play around with the world politics or prefers to make the US withdraw into a shell, it would certainly impact the world either way. We will come to know the result if it is a 'hung situation' as we call it in our country. But, the fact that it may be just one State or a couple of States that could play a decisive role in the end in deciding the next President is really nail-biting.

Even as questions abound on whether the 'black lives matter' has consolidated the white vote are yet to be answered, let us understand Trump's impact on the US. Democratic candidate Joe Biden spent Sunday in Pennsylvania, a battleground state that has become increasingly significant to both candidates. Donald Trump held rallies in five states, in last-minute, breakneck appeals to energise voters – a strategy that helped him ride to victory in 2016. More than 92 million US citizens have already cast their votes, far outpacing early voting in any past elections and accounting for 67 percent of all votes counted in 2016.

While Trump's campaign has also put a strong eleventh hour emphasis on Pennsylvania — hosting four back-to-back rallies in the state on Saturday and planning a jab at Biden with a visit to his hometown Scranton on Monday — the President's schedule was significantly more diverse as he scrambled to respond to Biden's expanding electoral map. Hoping to defend as many states as possible that favored him in 2016, Trump hosted five rallies on last Sunday across Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. So if he loses the White House, what new phase would begin on January 21? But, what happens if Trump falls behind? The Trump Era is unlikely to end when the Trump presidency ends.

Analysts envision a post-presidency as disruptive and norm-busting as his presidency has been — one that could make his successor's job much harder. They outline a picture of a man who might formally leave office only to establish himself as the president-for-life amid his own bubble of admirers — controlling Republican politics and sowing chaos in the U.S. and around the world long after he's officially left office. A president unwilling to respect boundaries in office is almost certain to cross them out of office. He would leave the White House with one of the largest social media platforms in the world — including 87 million Twitter followers — and a large campaign email list with a demonstrated small-dollar fundraising capability. Trump will be Trump, whether he loses or wins, disrupting the world around him.

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