Blast from the past!

Everything is coming back! No, we're not talking about the 1,85,000 tonnes of garbage that washed ashore recently in Mumbai. We're talking about everything else. From old fashion trends to food, old car designs to technologies, everything is back. Except for the Backstreet Boys. They haven't been back since their popular song line 'Backstreet's back, alright?'

Phones have evolved to levels beyond our imagination. It wasn't long back when Nokia put a torch in the phone and we all couldn't handle our excitement for that was 'such an innovation.' Phones now have high-end cameras that rotate. Some phones have two to four cameras. Sometimes, on both sides. In this competitive market of phones where you have unlimited high-resolution pictures a tap away, why would anyone invest in a Polaroid, right?

You couldn't be more wrong. Because not only are polaroid cameras back, they're also topping the gifting charts. Some claim polaroid cameras possess the powers to calm down a very angry girlfriend too. "It actually works. It is such a cool thing to have - a device that just takes and prints photos, feels very exclusive," says Shashank Ruddem Chan, an Assamese student studying in Hyderabad.

But this argument isn't just based on one old camera being in vogue. The biggest old-school revival has been in our fashion sense. There was a time where people who wore glasses with big frames were cool. Then times changed. There was a time you'd automatically earn the title of 'chashmish' if you sported one of those big-framed glasses. In fact, we hated frames so much that we went ahead and got rid of them altogether creating frameless glasses. Look around you now. All sorts of big frames are a fashion statement now.

The revival of the Khadi industry is leading our theory's charge in the dressing department. A testimony to this is the number of khadi-related chains that have popped up all around the country. Fun fact, there are more people wearing khadi now than when we gained our independence. If that is a commentary on our growing population or fashion sense is a matter open to interpretation.

"I am just glad skirts are back. I just hope people start carrying umbrellas too so that I can accomplish my dream of walking out on a rainy day in a skirt with a matching coloured umbrella," says Pravalika S, jokingly.

People switching to organic food like millets and ragi over the junk food that we have been stuffing ourselves for the past two decades also seems to add to this trend.

Indian music, Bollywood in particular, has gone bonkers on bringing back the past. Every movie has at least one old song that has been remixed, recreated or remastered. Movies like 'Top Gun' and 'Home Alone' are also making a comeback. Not just direct movie brands but the old-school style of storytelling is also back with shows like 'Stranger Things' that are based in the 80s.

We used to wake up early on Sunday to watch 'Mahabharat on DD' is something most of us might have heard our parents say. Well, 'Game of Thrones' made sure this old-school feeling was back too. I've missed alarms for class, exams, meetings, but never for a Game of Thrones episode (In retrospect, I should have slept through season 8).

With all these trends coming back, we can only wait and hope for some of our favourites to be revived from the dead. On a personal note, it would be great to have the old Cartoon Network back. 'Dexter's Laboratory', 'The Powerpuff Girls' and 'Swat Kats' are something we could all use. "I can't wait for the day gramophones are back. The crisp sound quality of the vinyl tapes is unparalleled also, the make listening to music really cool, I think," says Vishesh, a general physician.

Another revival we could use is of TV video games. The 8-bit bundles of joy where Mario jumped and fell to the hands of turtles millions and millions of times is something every generation should have. "I think double-decker buses should be back too! They just bring in so much aesthetic to a city. Although it would be problematic with all the flyovers and metro tracks in the city," adds Vishesh.

But there are so many things that we hope never to come back. Like bell-bottom jeans and huge collars. Seriously, what were we thinking? Another thing we hope never comes back is the meteor that hit our planet when the dinosaurs were around. "I think it would be great if item songs never return. There was a time when every movie had them, the trend on the decline now and I hope it stays that way," says Pushpa, a graduation student.

Any form of cassettes should never make a comeback either. "I remember if I had to listen to a song again, I had to take out the cassette and use a pencil to rewind it and listen again. Hope that never happens again," Pushpa adds. No one wants to go through the pain of a fast-forward right in the middle of your marriage VHS tape either.

And if I'm really being honest, I hope the lead comes back in the Maggi. I strongly believe all that taste in the Maggi came from the lead.

Irrespective of what does and doesn't come back, it is hard to argue against this trend. We're in the middle of an old-school revival. In fact, the revival is so hardcore, we used to be 28 States before Telangana was formed. Now we are back to 28 States again after Kashmir, further adding to the theory.

But while this revival is in full swing, we hope that for all of our sake, no one tells Baba Sehgal about it.

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