Pets are the best company

Pets are the best company
Siddharth Malhotra with Simba, Arjun Kapoor ,Arnold,Chris Evan

  • Bollywood, Hollywood celebs say their pets are a blessing, bring emotional peace
  • When pets began to be abandoned across the country due to misinformation during the times of Covid - 19, actors from Hindi film industry quickly ensured they spread the message on the lack of evidence that domesticated animals are carriers of the virus

Important Clarifications

Can a dog or cat get Covid-19?

Dogs and cats cannot contract the human coronavirus (Covid-19) and humans cannot contract the animal version.

What if my pet gets Covid-19?

Your pets will not contract Covid-19.

What if someone in the family gets Covid-19?

Covid affected must be isolated from others in the family including the pets. While it is not yet confirmed that the pets could carry the virus on their fur or skin; once you know someone is affected, its better you bathe the pet and keep it away from the sick person.

(From Sources like WHO and CDC)

In the face of the current calamity, humanity is forced to sit up and take notice of the little joys we have that make our quarantined lives a whole lot easier. From international celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chris Evans to popular Bollywood names like Shreyas Talpade and Siddharth P Malhotra, people are finding solace and emotional stability in their pets. As staying at home has become the only, helpless option, pets have taken over the job to keep the calm in the family.

A universal love for pets exists for their unassuming nature and selfless behavior and creator-producer Siddharth P Malhotra is not immune to this feeling. His Golden Retriever, Simba, is his lifeline and a top priority for his entire family. A year and a half old, he is someone Malhotra says his family can "live and die for". The 'Hichki' and 'Sanjeevani' creator says, "I spend the maximum time I can with Simba and my whole family loves him and treats him like an equal member. We look after him personally and if anything happens to him, we can't sleep. Every moment I spend with Simba I feel blessed, and every moment that I don't, I feel like I am depriving him or myself from that time." Simba even has his own Instagram handle, @simba_malhotra where the proud owner posts happy moments with his pup!

As the self-quarantine affects mental health more than ever, the debate of how therapeutic pets can be during tough times for humans comes to the fore. According to actor Shreyas Talpade having a pet automatically changes a person, "There are innumerable benefits that they come with having a pet, including making you responsible and committed", he says. Talpade, who recently turned father, says he finds magic in his 10-year-old Labrador. "Since the time Aadya's was born, Don has started demanding more attention. So he's no longer the calm dog that he used to be and really keeps us on our toes!", says Talpade who finds his day spent between his dog and his new baby. "But jokes apart," he adds, "When Don sits quietly near me, he calms me down completely. I keep petting him and in a couple of minutes I start feeling the change within."

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has a quirky combination of friends in his pet mini pony, Whiskey and his donkey, Lulu, took the internet by storm when he posted a video of them on Twitter advising everyone to stay home and stay safe. The 72-year old Terminator has been reported to have a very close bond with his pets and finds them to be an ultimate relaxation. Chris Evans aka Captain America too was seen lounging with his pet dog Dodger calling themselves "Homebodies".

Social distancing is having a number of consequences, but people appreciating their privileges and being more grateful is probably the biggest, most positive side-effect. Malhotra feels that animals are a blessing. "Pets give us unconditional love as they wait for you to come back home, give you a warm welcome that you may sometimes not even get from your own children, shower you with love and loyalty", he says intently. With celebrities reiterating their love for their pets and these furry friends becoming perfect company in this tough time of self-isolation, the pandemic's blow can be mildly muted. So while the social media quarantine challenges and OTT binge sessions are an average pick-me-up, these furry friends don't lead you to digital saturation.

Incidentally, domestic pets made news earlier this month when a spell of misinformation saw people associating the spread of COVID-19 with animals. Reportedly, when pets began to be abandoned across the country due to this, actors like Alia Bhatt, Malaika Arora Khan and Arjun Kapoor quickly came to their rescue and highlighted the lack of evidence that domesticated animals are carriers of the virus. They and other Bollywood celebs urge people to, in fact, enjoy the unspoken love that pets offer to people.

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