Picturesque Patong

Picturesque Patong
Karon Beach

The largest beach resort town in Phuket, Patong is a beautiful beach town that is the perfect recipe for what a vacation must be

With pristine blue waters set amidst green swaying palms, there are several picturesque sights that will remain with you much longer after your trip to Patong. With beaches, night life, shopping and spirituality, this is a destination that has something for all.

Spiritual Fix

Chalong Temple or Wat Chalong is located in the heart of Chalong and is the most important temple in Phuket. At the centre of the temple is the 60-metre-tall Chedi which is said to hold an actual bone splinter of the Buddha which is why this is a relic temple. The tower has three levels, the first two house statues of the Buddha as well as intricately detailed murals along all the walls that show the life and teachings of Buddha. At the top of the tower is a large viewing deck in which the Big Buddha of Phuket can be spotted from there. You can light incense and candles and apply gold leaf to the statues here to show your reverence. When you are here you can hear the bangs of crackers which is normal as it is believed that this will banish evil spirits. The shops here are a good place to pick up some souvenirs back home. This Buddhist temple has a strict dress code which asks for you to be fully covered and not wear shoes. Being one of the most revered temples in Phuket do keep in mind that you respect the fact that this is an important religious institution for Thai Buddhists.

Munch on Cashew

If you are fond of cashew nuts, visit the Sri Bhurapa Orchid Cashew Nut Factory. This is a place where you can sample a wide variety of cashews as well as see how they are de-seeded from the fruit and the process when they are cracked and removed from the nutshells. This is the place where you can buy different kinds of flavoured cashew nuts as a souvenir back home including raw, roasted, salted and unsalted cashews. The flavours are quite exotic and include variants like Tom Yum, honey and wasabi. This apart there is also a choice of various dried fruits, dried seafood, sweets and local handicrafts at the store. The Sri Bhurapa Orchid has been around since 1943 and is said to be the first cashew factory in Phuket. It is said that the cashew tree fruits once a year and each fruit has one seed. An experience here is sure to leave you feeling a little full (thanks to all the tasting) and with some extra luggage (courtesy the shopping), so make sure you come prepared!

Gems & More

The beauty of Thai gemstones and jewellery is famed as the quality of the stone as well as the cutting and polishing skills and intricate designs make for stunning pieces of jewellery. Check out the Gems Wang Talang Jewelry Factory that has more than 20000 models of jewellery and a huge selection of diamonds and jewellery from across the world where you can see and buy if you have the budget. They also have a selection of top international brands and designers and showcase both new collections and timeless classic pieces here. There are new collections every month and the special Sapphire Collection comes with a best price guarantee. They also have a quality certificate for each piece of jewellery and each piece has guaranteed quality from factory. There are certificates for gems and gold and they only retail original Thai Precision Stones and Gems. This factory has the biggest choice of precious stones in Phuket and also sells Ruby and Sapphire at wholesale prices apart from Pearl, Topaz, Amethyst and Quartz. They also have a great selection of high-quality diamonds and diamond jewellery from most popular jewellery designers. If that is something you cannot afford, check out the sterling silver jewellery and Thailand Sterling Silver Jewellery sold at wholesale prices. They also have a huge collection of bridal jewellery, watches and key chains that the trained staff will show you. Patong has many surprises up its sleeve and you can discover it all on your next visit to the beach city.

Gems Wang Talang Jewelry Factory

Chalong Temple

Shopping in Patong

What more…

While you are here do book your tickets to watch the Simon Cabaret show where the lady boys of Patong put on a scintillating show.

• The Jungceylon Shopping Complex is great to catch a good meal and also indulge in a spot of retail therapy.

• Head to Karon Beach Road to sink your feet into a clean beach and watch a lovely sunset.

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