The blessed guru: Inspiring life of a scientist

Photo: Ch Prabhu Das

Photo: Ch Prabhu Das


Meet city-based Dr Venugopal Rao Veeramaneni, a former scientist who is now a full-fledged astrological and Vastu consultant.

Meet city-based Dr Venugopal Rao Veeramaneni, a former scientist who is now a full-fledged astrological and Vastu consultant. He traces his journey which began in his village Pelipakala near Devarakonda in Nalgonda district. Born in a middle-class farmer's family, he said 'I believe that I have accomplished whatever I desired. I hope to play my part in being useful to society worldwide through my research in Vastu science. With this aim in mind, I move forward in life. There is more for me to achieve and be helpful to my students and society.

Inborn talent in astrology

When he was 10-years-old, in a short span of time Venugopal lost his elder and younger brothers. The loss of his brothers at a very young age gave him shock and deep grief. This led to his introspection to find solace to his problems and to people's issues around him, at that tender age. He began to contemplate the issues to find solutions. He pondered over these thoughts and seemed to have found answers to them to some extent. With no technical knowledge with him yet, he started guiding people informally and they were very comfortable with his suggestions. That's how I started astrology from a very young age itself. Now I realise that I had astrology inherent in me.

First employment

His first job in 1994, was at Dr Reddy Labs as a Medicinal Chemistry Scientist in Medical Research and Development Organisation, where he worked on the invention of new drugs for more than 11 years. As part of his job, he researched diseases like Diabetes, Ulcers, Arthritis, and heart cancer.

Excerpts from the interview

You have worked for 21 years as a Scientist. Why this unexceptional diversion towards Vastu science? I took Astrology as a research project and combining it with Vastu science gave solutions to many problems faced by people. But the results would vary a little. After completing my MA in Astrology from Telugu University, I was inclined towards completing my Ph.D. in Vastu sciences also. I was not happy since I did not feel that destroying a part of the house for Vastu changes is appropriate. The preceding results after the said Vastu changes were not satisfactory. When I came to know of the research and methods followed in North India which enables us to solve Vastu problems without destroying a part of the house, I helped many people following the above concept.

Research in Vastu sciences

Vastu science had originated along with Humans only. The ancient Rishis and Scholars have changed Vastu science according to the social needs of their time. But the books, quotations and social media on Vastu Science in recent years made us bewildered about Vastu science. The present principles, inexperience, baseless fundamentals and methods implemented by the present Vastu scientists are not at all relevant to the age-old Vastu science.

The difference between the olden and modern Vastu science is understanding the directions and inter-relating the Vastu defects with the problems faced and finding solutions without undertaking any physical changes of the structure.

As part of these efforts, I have undertaken research on the Vastu science principles. I have researched mainly on the position of toilets, colours used, finding out the directions in construction and giving effective solutions. I don't use the same Vastu principles which are used for domestic purposes in business and industrial sectors. I plan Vastu according to the specific purpose undertaken for specific construction and give good results.

Dr Venugopal is represented by the Veeramaneni Institute of Vastu sciences, which is a training institute wherein trainees are taught the principles and application of Vastu in a detailed manner. The Veeramaneni Institute has given Vastu input to more than three-thousand buildings and given corrections without any physical alteration recommendation. It's also helped in designing more than nine hundred buildings like commercial, industrial, and corporate buildings and apartments and villas.

The Institute also offers training to students who belong to construction careers like architects, builders, civil engineers, exterior, and interior designers. It also provides training to astrologers and interested individuals who wish to make a career in Vastu consultancy.

What are the services you provide?

Combining God's grace with my scientific knowledge on Vastu of Business, trade and industrial establishments and adding it with astrological research and my observation, I provide the necessary services. I am one such scientist who realises that the principles of Vastu are separate for household dwellings, business and trade establishments.

Making use of my research helps in the construction of various businesses and trade establishments and provides solutions to Vastu-related problems with my expertise. I make use of different principles for hotels, hospitals and schools completely different from one another.

You have gained professional experience for two decades as a Corporate and Industrial Vastu Scientist and three decades as an astrologer. How are the builders, interior designers and business experts making use of your services? In addition to my business, trade and industry experience, I make use of my astrological and numerological knowledge and advice people on matters related to collaboration among business partners, select names for business establishments, auspicious dates for foundation printing of business cards and logos, selecting specific sitting direction to work with the utmost capability.

As a part of my profession, I advise people in building construction on their office Vastu. Interior designers, civil engineers and architects seek my advice and training for improving their skills in their respective professions.

The difference between traditional Vastu and scientific Vastu? How do you take scientific Vastu forward?

There is really no difference between traditional and scientific Vastu. Making effective use of traditional Vastu for modern requirements is Scientific Vastu. For example, Vishwakarma in his epic Prakashika has mentioned about 16 directions and 32 doors. But there are minor problems in using this method scientifically. Hence, amalgamating the traditional Vastu elements, I implement it scientifically for house constructions according to the modern-day necessities and desires.

Without changing the concept of traditional Vastu, we make use of the Scientific approach. In the present situation, it is really problematic to make physical changes in the houses where people live or other establishments.

What goal do you aspire to achieve by spreading Vastu Science throughout the world?

Providing the best solutions to people who approach me with severe problems by making use of Spiritual Sciences like Astrology, Vastu Sciences, Gemology, Numerology and Geography is my ultimate aim. Nearly one thousand people have been educated by me through Vastu training.

Rare specialty

- First-person to get an ISO certificate in the world

- The world's first astrologer to have experiences in numerous sciences like the Vastu, astrology, numerology, human psychology, and geological sciences.

- The world's first Corporate, Commercial, and Industrial Vastu Consultant

- Won over ninety felicitations nationally and internationally

- He is the recipient of over 50 national/international awards & titles

- Triple Ph.D. in Chemistry, astrology, and Vastu

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