Ways to travel and stay healthy

Ways to travel and stay healthy

Ways to travel and stay healthy


There are ways to travel and stay healthy, and they require intention and a little planning ahead. Here are some suggestions

There are ways to travel and stay healthy, and they require intention and a little planning ahead. Here are some suggestions

Choose your location carefully

There are lots of places that are known to have healthy cuisine that are fun too. If you want to travel abroad, Bali could be one such destination or Phuket could be another.

Choose a healthy resort

There are many spas and resorts that are relaxing and fun but also serve healthy foods. Prakriti Shakti is one such resort in India, or The Farm in the Philippines. These are both raw food resorts that focus on health, and there are many others. If you do some research you may find amazing ideas. Here are some examples healthista or health and fitness travel

Stay in an Airbnb with your own kitchen

No matter where you go, you can find these. All you have to do, then, is some healthy grocery shopping. This way you can be anywhere you need to be and have a mix of in house healthy foods as well as visit local restaurants that may cater to your needs.

Try VegVisits

You can adhere to your values and may make some new friends along the way. Sitting half-way across the world, looking 6 months down the road, you can give a nice sigh of relief as you plan your trip. You share something in common with your host. It isn't just food. It isn't just a deeper awareness.

Technically strangers at first, but feels more like bumping into someone from your same small town or 'old neighborhood'. There's a familiarity that jumps out, and you want to talk for hours. It's like you know each other, without ever having met yet. It's a great feeling, and just an overall more comfortable and relaxing way to travel.

Carry some healthy food

Organic fruits like bananas, pears, apples, oranges etc can be carried on short and long trips which can be eaten without the use of any cutlery. On day trips when availability of food may be a problem, it's always best to carry foods that can last for the day. While traveling by road or rail, a few non-perishable food items can like granola bars, date pops, trail mix, roasted chana and peanuts etc can be packed along. And remember fruits and salads are easily available everywhere in the world. We know of people who carry travel blenders and don't miss their smoothies either!

Choose interesting holiday activities

Activities that make you move, like hiking, diving, swimming, yoga, dance etc. Or maybe you can visit healing sites that draw on the earth's healing properties like the natural hot springs of Turkey etc.

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