Anushka Manchanda's musical tribute to mothers

Anushka Manchandas musical tribute to mothers
singer Anushka Manchanda

‘Thanks Maa’ is a heartfelt tribute from Manchanda, who feels she has grown closer to her mother during lockdown


This Mother's Day, singer Anushka Manchanda has launched 'Thanks Maa', an exclusive song that is an emotional tribute to the sweet relationship between mothers and their children. Speaking about her own mother, Manchanda feels that their respect for each other has grown over the years.

The song, performed by Anushka Manchanda and composed and written by Charan Singh Pathania, is live on music app Resso. It's the app's first exclusive song.

Tell us about this musical tribute to mothers

'Thanks Maa' is a celebration of the women in our lives who have given us so much, unconditionally. So many mothers have given up their own dreams and hopes so we can fulfil ours. So many of them are working twice as hard in this lockdown to take care of their families. For our mothers we are always kids.. and so many kids are away from their moms in the lockdown, having to fend for themselves.

Even then they have their mothers on video calls, instructing them on how they can make dal and bhindi! This is to show these incredible women how grateful we are for everything they have done and continue to do for us.

Your band Viva is back! How did it happen? What's the way forward now?

Over the years we have often spoken about doing something together, but the time was never right. We wanted to celebrate this incredible bond that people had built with us over so many years. To give back some love to the fans of Viva who continue to, even today after all these years, send us messages of love! It is humbling, and we are so moved by it.

'Jago Zara' was the perfect choice for us, a beautiful, powerful song to remind us all that we have the strength within us to rise above our trials and tribulations. A reminder to wake up, to take charge, and change our narrative.

How do you think the pandemic and lockdown has affected the music scene in India?

There is an air of uncertainty, that goes beyond our industry though, everyone is feeling it. How are musicians going to make money without live gigs or recording sessions? We will slowly find out. For now we try to focus on the positives. There are more collaborations between artists, innovations, time to work on independent material, and artists have more time to connect to their audience.

Will the music of a post-COVID era be any different?

I would imagine there would be newer ways to consume music. There could be new types of technology that allow a new and different artist-user exchange and experience. There may now be different revenue earning set-ups for artists. We have to wait and see.

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