Dentist by profession, photographer by passion

Namrata Motihar Rupani

Namrata Motihar Rupani


Namrata Motihar Rupani, a dentist by profession, tried photography and transformed into a professional photographer with her hard work and passion

Namrata Motihar Rupani, a dentist by profession, tried photography and transformed into a professional photographer with her hard work and passion. She started a photo services company "Capture Life" in Hyderabad and conducting photography workshops and counts the wedding shoot of badminton star Saina Nehwal, among her memorable works.

"I am a qualified dentist and an accomplished commercial photo-grapher for the past 16 years. Born & raised in Delhi, I was inclined towards medicine, and graduated with Bachelors in Dental Surgery from Christian Dental College, Ludhiana after which I furthered my education by doing Fellowship in pediatric dentistry and a Fellowship in Aesthetic Dentistry from Germany. Married in a business family and I have two daughters and live in Hyderabad. I'm also a trained Kathak dancer, voracious reader, and love listening to music," says Namrata.

Namrata says that she had chosen photography as her free time hobby but later, it turned out to be a full time profession. "My life in Delhi consisted of studying in one of the best schools (Mater Dei School), and also being inspired by the various role models at home in my family, and my various teachers at school. After this I went onto do my graduation in Dental Surgery. I returned to do my resi-dency from Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi and also worked as a private practitioner. I have been practicing since 2002 in Hyderabad, initially as an associate in a dental hospital and opened my own clinic in 2007 thereafter," she says.

"I ventured into photography when I bought a camera to pursue my passion in available time. My interest and proficiency grew and I became an avid photographer. I used to go out to shoot in my free time. Over years, I could convert my passion for photography into a full-fledged commercial photography business doing weddings, events, commercial projects and exhibiting my work. I conduct incredibly popular workshops to teach photography to enthusiasts. I also have a Fine Art Print business to make fine art prints and provide design and print solutions. I run all my businesses under the brand "Capture Life"," Namrata added.

Namrata claims that her health issues made her to focus on photography. "Photography was something that happened to me. I bought myself a camera at a time when I was taking a break from the clinic due to some health issues. And there was no plan in place. Things just kept unfolding organically one after the other."

About her inspiration, Namrata says, "It has been an unforgettable journey so far. It has been a privilege. Satisfaction, and joy to transform lives of patients positively by restoring and offering guidance towards their oral health. Professional photography has been challenging but I have enjoyed the process. The inspiration towards creativity and the execution of a vision are my driving forces in this venture. Also, the joy and happiness on the faces of my clients as they view their photographs is no less inspiring. Come to think of it, Life itself to me is inspiring. I just have to look around me."

"Documenting the making of the 'Metro Rail Project' for 'L&T'. I got to view the city from a whole new perspective and there weren't even drones then. I actually climbed high buildings in Nampally or the pillars at a metro construction site to see Hyderabad in such a different light," says Namrata.

While asked about the challenges faced, Namrata said, "Dentistry just like any other medical profession throws up changes and innovations which are challenging. Challenges present themselves in the form of financial issues, finding new clients, and recently the Covid-19 pandemic. In photography, challenges centre around client satisfaction, constantly raise the creativity bar, incidents related to things going wrong at the critical moment, and of course com-petition. Challenges have also been trying to balance two very diverse fields, to manage both and ensure that I am giving the required time and attention to each of them. Each day is a new day, and I wake up and tackle it with the intent to try and succeed."

Namrata says that her family support is unimaginable in her journey. "In the Indian family context, a woman with professions of a dentist and photographer needs family support and encouragement. Fortunately, I have been blessed with both. At no time has odd hours, outside city locations and other working issues ever been criticised or for that matter made me uncomfortable in any way. I have everybody's love and support at home."

Namrata speaks about her company "Capture Life". She says, "It is a company I started which has three verticals under it. The dental and oral health care clinic, photography business and as well as fine art printing. We take care of all the needs of the clients under those verticals. I also conduct Photography workshops and have over 700 students now in the last 6 years."

Future endeavors

There is a plan to open a couple of branches of my clinic, and ensure that we are present in multiple locations to address the dental needs of as many people as possible.

Through my photography and fine art printing, I wish to capture and document memories and moments of people's lives, for them to go back to - and also immortalise those memories by printing them in the highest quality possible.

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