Go traditional with a contemporary twist

Go traditional with a contemporary twist
Go traditional with a contemporary twist

Holi, the festival of colours, music and dance, bringspeople from different religions and backgrounds together, who smear gulaal on each other's face...

Holi, the festival of colours, music and dance, bringspeople from different religions and backgrounds together, who smear gulaal on each other's face andpaint the town rainbow on this day. Men and women choose delicatewhites to flaunt the hues that mottle their ethnic attires while relishing the special drink, thandaiin style.

Amidst all the festivities and excitement, be it through dainty whites or colourful prints, making a fashion statement is paramount.The festival witnesses unique design trends from comfortable, outfits to traditional, flowy silhouettesetc are seen on the most colourful day of the year. People step out in unique attires and make off-beat statements to stand out in the crowd. Srividya Varchaswi, Business Head, BYOGI gives a lowdown on styling trends to give Holi an Indo-contemporary twist this March.

Casual Chic

In an era where styles are transient and fashion experimental, there are countless options to choose from. For a comfortable and stylish Holi, pick up an oversizedtee shirt and pair it with denim shorts fora trendy, effortless appeal. Recycle old tops and jeans into knottedcrop-tops and distressed denim, to don an effortlessly casual-chic look. You can also try the occasionaltie-dye theDIY way. Grab that old kurta and tie-dye it to sport a trendy new look with a traditional twist.

Ruffles Galore

Add exciting elements to your outfit with ruffles, layers, smart cuts and modern design aspects to flaunt a debonair, crisp look. If the diva in you refuses to lay low, unleash her in a stylish, ethnic ensemble infused with quirky elements to exude a unique yet desi aura, with delicate detailing and retro ruffles to make heads turn this Holi.

Rosy Hues and Electric Blues

The festival of coloursheralds a vibrant palette. Take a break from the usual whites to young, lively hues to emanate good vibes and high spirits. From neon blues to living coral, vivacious pigments are in trend this summer. Optfor peppy shades to set the tone for a colour-packed Holi.

Translucent Silhouettes

Holi typically hadindividuals'don shades of opaque whites. However, in the recent,people areembracing other fabricsin interesting colours which equally bring out the best of festive gulaals. Subtle and subdued pastel tones of blush pink, dusty rose, pale olive, mint green, lemon yellow and milky blue has entered the market in sheer, translucent fabrics to outline curves and adorn the colour splashes of Holi.

Textures, Prints &Patterns

Go ethnic with delicate textures, fusion prints and abstract patterns. From the ever green floral prints to the traditional Batik prints, a variety of patterns and designs rule the apparel market, making their way into creating exclusive Holi ensembles.One can also opt for pure cotton, summer-friendly Indo-western attires to avoid feeling the heat of the scorching sun.

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