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Harnaaz Sandhu is back with the Miss Universe crown for the country

Harnaaz Sandhu is back with the Miss Universe crown for the country


My mother saw the talent in me that I can become an actor or model and made me participate in beauty fashion shows - Harnaaz Sandhu

Harnaaz Sandhu is back with the Miss Universe crown for the country. The 21-year-old diva from Chandigarh won the title after Lara Dutta was crowned in 2000. Harnaaz Sandhu made India proud and set for a year-long reign as Miss Universe. She talks about her journey from Miss India to Miss Universe, her plans, and more.

When questioned about her vision of her life, Harnaaz says, "When I entered Miss Diva, I made sure that if I get crowned, if I am representing my country- India, I will ensure that I will come back with the crown. I had never imagined I would come into pageants because all this happened accidentally in my life when I was 17-years-old. I got inspiration from Lara Dutta, Sushmita Sen, and Priyanka Chopra. Through them, I realised that I want to inspire people the way they have been doing."

As you know, nothing comes easy. But she says, "My mother saw the talent in me that I can become an actor or model, and I started participating in beauty fashion shows. It started with college. I was the second runner-up in my college beauty contest. I accidentally went on the stage because I wanted to dance. Since then, I started representing my city Chandigarh then I represented Punjab, then India, and now Universe. It only happens when you come out of your comfort zone. If you realise your purpose of your life, then nobody can stop you from achieving your goals."

About her education, she says, "Well, I am currently pursuing my Masters in Public Administration and I always been a girl who believes in participating in extra curriculum activities, I used to do theater, I used to do swimming badminton playing chess going to library. This helped me to participate in a beauty pageant."

Being the Miss Universe, she believes that looking beautiful is not essential. Harnaaz says, "I was too thin in my teenage that made me underconfident. But I realised that at the end of the day, it's your impression that matters. You need to understand that it's not about looking beautiful; it's about feeling beautiful. At this age, I started realising the purpose of my passion and the vision of my life. As a woman, I want every woman to realise that you are the directors of our lives and can change your life. If you know what you want to do then, nobody can stop you."

She says everyone supported her; she says, "I always see everyone supporting me. Irrespective of what comments sent to me, they all take out their valuable time to say something they believe in, and they have the right to do that. But it's upon me that how I want to take that thing, but I am so fortunate to say this to my relatives, friends they all supported me and coming from Punjab community they all are so excited."

Harnaaz has been raised by a strong mother who worked as a successful gynecologist. She says, "I am a very strong advocate for women empowerment. I have seen that closing my life, and after winning, I have seen how people have changed their perspectives towards fashion; it's not about looking beautiful. It's about having a strong personality. The position which I want to break, especially when it comes to education and right to work choose your path this is what I want them to realise that help that will happen when all the women out there support us as an organisation comes together. We talk about these things because they all have that right to give to them. The quality is the soul of liberty."

Given a chance, she would love to work with Shah Rukh Khan. She says, "I admire Shah Rukh Khan's work and Priyanka Chopra 's too. The way they both have been so dedicated towards their profession and how they have chosen characters, how humble they have been throughout the journey. I think that really inspires me to break stereotypes."

Last but not least message she wants to give is, "My advice to upcoming models is do not copy, be your own brand, create your own appearance, have your own aura, and be confident about yourself."

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