Look more fashionable with old clothes

Look more fashionable with old clothes

Look more fashionable with old clothes


If you have decided to do a deep cleaning out of your wardrobe, and donate some of the clothes you no longer wear.

If you have decided to do a deep cleaning out of your wardrobe, and donate some of the clothes you no longer wear. However, after you have skimmed through a mountain of unwanted clothes and wasn't sure what to do with them as some clothes will not be in a position to donate as they were too stained or too worn out.

To save you from endless monologues, stress and waste time, we decided to share some tips with you. Here is what you can do with old clothes that you can't donate anymore.

Reusable tote bags

Have t-shirts with too many coffee and wine stains to count? Here's one eco-friendly way to dispose them. Turn them into hand-made tote bags, for grocery shopping. Best part? You can match them to your outfits and accessories. Instead of tossing away plastic and paper bags every time you buy something, you can create and carry your own tote bag. Lesser waste, more glam!

Apparel recycling programmes

Companies like H&M often offer 'take-back' programmes designed to help you get rid of old clothes. Once collected, these garments are sent to the nearest recycling plant. The best part is for every bag of textiles you drop off, H&M gives you a 15 per cent discount on your next in-store purchase. It's a win-win situation!

Distressed Denim

If you're into distressed denim, you're in luck! Here's how to convert old, oversized jeans, into distressed masterpieces, in a matter of minutes! Start by removing the back pockets. Cut up the back of the centre seam. Then, you need a few stitches to put everything back together again. Pair it with a black leather jacket and you'll end up with a fashion staple that you're bound to love.

Trendy Headbands

An old shirt will work wonders as a headband or scarf. Head scarfs are cute accessories to any outfits. Moreover, certain patterns such as tartan and checkers are bound to attract flattering comments anywhere you go!

Embroidered couture

Sounds complicated but you only need a needle and thread. Step by step, the idea is to embroider a design (anything you like) onto your old clothes or denim. It could be a flower on your jeans or the name of a loved one on a sweater. By adding embroidery to your clothes you give them a personal touch and a spark of originality.

T-Shirt slippers

T-shirt slippers are indoor flip-flops turned into home slippers for the summer season. All you need are strings and strips of an old t-shirt. Weave them into the bottom of your slippers and you're done. Best part is these slippers are washable, so cleaning them will never be a hassle.

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