Music for a noble heart

Music for a noble heart

Hyderabad-based Shobha Srinivasan quit her software job to train children in Carnatic music in the US before coming to India. Her activities including anti-bullying awareness programmes, sloka classes etc help her to empower children and keep them in touch with art and culture

A lady, who always had a passion towards music since her childhood, has never let it fade away even after being occupied with personal and professional commitments.

Shobha Srinivasan is passing on her classical music talent to the budding artists. Her teaching journey started in the year 2005. She shares…

Tell us about yourself

I was a software engineer. I worked for 14 years and during the time music was still in me, but I could not take up classes then because of my work schedule.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I wanted to take a break and spend more time with myself and my children. I was in California, which looks like mini India as you can find lot of Indians there.

There are a lot of parents who would want to make their children aware of the Indian culture.

My friend from work knew that I have knowledge in music, and she suggested I must teach. Slowly by word of mouth my students increased.

Tell us about your education

I did my MCA from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi and after that I worked as a soft ware engineer.

Where did you learn music?

My mother was my first guru, she is the disciple of late D K Jayaraman, who is a renowned Carnatic musician and later on I learnt music from other Gurus. I took advance lessons from Smt. Radha Kirshna from Delhi.

How many students do you teach?

Right now, I have around 28 students, my approach towards students is that I see their strength and I will see where they can improve and ensure that I take these students to the next level from wherever they are now.

Number of students has never been my goal, but even if it is one student I think if I could make a difference in their life. It is not just music that I teach, but how music is an integral part in life.

What about your other activities?

I do a lot of voluntary services. I do therapy for adults and children, and I give counseling. I am doing a US programme called 'Project Corner Stone', where we conduct anti-bullying programmes, where we have 24 stories which bring in awareness among the students.

I also take sloka class and I am also associated with Bharitya Kala Sanskriti, which gives a platform to all the art and culture works. My main focus is about children.

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