Striving for betterment of women & children

Striving for betterment of women & children

Hyderabad-based NGO Inner Wheel Club endeavours to encourage underprivileged women and children to excel…

Inner Wheel Club Banjara, an NGO in Hyderabad is solely run by women and they work towards empowerment of women and development of children.

The NGO celebrated its Charter Day recently and the member were awarded for their excellent work in the field. Asma Razvi one of the members of the Club received Best Club Promoter award.

Excerpts from an interview:

Tell us about your organisation.

It is an international club, which is associated with the Rosary Sisters. We are an all-women's club and here in Hyderabad, we have around five to six charters of IWC.

We adopt government schools and provide them with facilities that these schools lack.

In the last three years are conducting summer camps to these schools and also provides them with meals. We conduct activities such as drawing, painting, craft and many other activities.

We also conduct fundraising events and we have been getting a good response from it and we are conducting two exhibitions per year and use the funds that are generated towards charity for betterment of society.

What kind of activities do you do?

Apart from school activities, we have charity projects. For example, if a girl is getting married and is in need of some help, we provide these facilities to them, we have also sponsored girls who wish to achieve something such as grow in their sports activities and much more. We distribute sewing machine for women so that they can work and be self-dependent.

Whenever there are women and children who need help, we will be ready to do so, even when there is an accident that happened in some area and the child needs help, we do it by providing aid for the child and also bear the expenses.

We also conduct classes which we started recently where we train parents and children. We teach them everything that they need to be educated with. Parents are very happy about these sessions.

We also adopted 15 government schools in the city where we evaluate the teachers and award them for their work as good teachers.

How do you plan these projects?

We have a committee involving around 64 people, likeminded people who give time for such social cause are involved in this organisation.

We conduct a meeting at our residence, whosoever residence is available. We also have activities for the members of the club as well.

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