Taking yoga to a whole new level

Taking yoga to a whole new level

Taking yoga to a whole new level


Vaishnavi, a 18 years old resident of Tripura, is a born talented yogini.

Vaishnavi, a 18 years old resident of Tripura, is a born talented yogini. Her journey began when in 4th class she joined a yoga class where her master identified her talent and showed it to the world. After few year she had problems with her yoga master, so Vaishnavi's dad who is a part time drive, decided to learn yoga for her daughter and completed his diploma course in Yoga. Since then Vaishnavi considers her father as her backbone and biggest supporter.

Vaishnavi shares, "My journey as a Yogini began when I was in 4th standard. Today, I hold four Guinness records and other records like India book of Record, Asia Book of Record, Tamil Nadu Book of Record, and Assist World Record and also have won 250 gold medals from yoga competitions held at Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Trivandrum among other places. I was the 1st runner-up in the Asathal Chutties TV show by Sun Network."

She has also been part of various competitions on channels like Sun TV, Suryaa TV, Colors Kannada, ETV, Colors Hindi (India's Got Talent). Her talent is not just limited to India; she has competed in and won competitions held in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, to name a few.

She bagged two gold medals in the junior category in the first Asia-level yoga competition in Thailand.

She adds, "When I was in class 4th my school yoga master recognized my talent. But after a few years, he stopped training me due to some issues. My father, who worked as a part-time driver, quit his job to pursue a diploma course in Yoga to train me and assist me in showcasing my talent to the world. I consider my father as my backbone and biggest supporter. My journey has been challenging, but I enjoy what I do which makes everything worthwhile. With my Moj community, I share fitness and yoga videos. In most of my videos, I practice variations of Bridge postures. My videos focus on the right way to practice certain yoga, I also do videos on power yoga, and head to toe body strengthening asanas in order to inspire my community."

Vaishnavi started creating videos on Moj last year in October. She believes that yoga is for everyone and must reach maximum number of people. Since yoga is now recognized in India, Vaishnavi aims to win more gold medals by competing in Khelo India and the Olympics. Her goal is to be part of the Guinness Book of World Records and the Limca Book of World Records for my yoga achievements.

Vaishnavi shares that her dad has always been one of her biggest inspiration - a great guide, a problem solver and a strong pillar of strength since forever. Another person who has inspired her since her childhood is Sathya Yogini super senior who used to win yoga competitions with her sheer skill and hardwork.

Vaishnavi shares the importance of yoga in the pandemic.

Yoga is always needed as it balances both mind and body. With an increase in stress levels and negative emotions, practicing yoga has become even more crucial amid the ongoing pandemic. Few yoga asanas like Surya Namaskaram, Pranayama (All types), Paschimottanasana, Bhastrika, Meditation help to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression while boosting the immunity. Regular and mindful practice of yoga asanas is beneficial not just for good physical health but also for our overall well being.

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