Versatile, affordable jewellery for multi-faceted women

Versatile, affordable jewellery for multi-faceted women

Versatile, affordable jewellery for multi-faceted women


The Jewel Factor is an online e-commerce brand, birthed in 2019 with the idea to provide customers with a wide range of jewellery, befitting all occasions

Birthed out of deep love and passion for jewellery, The Jewel Factor provides patrons with an unparalleled choice of pieces and styles. Helming from a family business background of diamonds and fine jewellery, Priti Mandhana launched 'The Jewel Factor' with a desire to experiment with style whilst making it more accessible and affordable.

As an Indian girl who grew up in Hong Kong, lived a few yearsin London and is now residing in India; Priti drew inspiration from the cultures she imbibed, thework experiences she garnered, the people she met and the places she travelled to.

Garneringvast knowledge of the industry as well as a deep-rooted understanding of aesthetics, fashionand creativity, it was her relentless love of fashion jewellery that took the forefront inher career.

A striking hybrid between Indian and Western design influences, the brand is a reflection ofdiversity, therefore stands out due to its versatility.

Priti shares, "From a very young age, I was fascinated by design and appreciated creativity in all forms such as art, architecture, fashion and ofcourse jewellery. Having grown up around jewellery and seeing how something so small, can yet be so beautiful and precious, instantly caught my eye, a form of art, on your body. I loved how I could play with so many materials, techniques, colours and cater my pieces to a much larger segment of women."

The idea behind the brand is to provide the customer with a wide range of jewellery for all occasions and styles. Since inception, the brand has done private shows and exhibitions around India and abroad. One of the key USP's of the brand is giving comfort a huge importance. Their jewellery often looks heavy due to the craftsmanship or material, is adored by customers because of its light weight.

"The idea of making women from all walks of life and not just a certain segment of society, feel more beautiful, empowered and confident is a huge driving factor. I want to make The Jewel Factor accessible and known to woman from all parts of the world, just bringing gorgeous jewellery. Whenever I would imagine my jewellery brand, I always imagined it with more of an offline presence than an online business model. Of course, being present online for any brand today is very important but I didn't think that I would run a full-fledged ecommerce brand," adds Priti.

Priti also believes that the beauty of the internet and social media is that you are able to reach places over a click of a button and geography doesn't set boundaries. However, that also demands the brand to be constantly communicating and dealing with customers who overall have a very short attention span.

Meanwhile sharing about her competitors, Priti said that a lot of the brands whom they consider as competitors, have been in the market for a much longer time.

She adds, "Our strength is our design and versatility. We provide our customers with a wide range of jewellery and personally feel the quality of our collection is stronger than our competitors already. We also have a pretty strong international presence and a sizeable percentage of our business is from out of India. That definitely is a proud achievement as it takes much more of leap of faith to pay for international shipping and trust to order from an ecommerce brand and we have managed to achieve that in a short span of time."

In the next 2 years, The Jewel factor sees itself as a go-to brand for women in India, well knownamongst the magazines, stylists, influencers- being their first choice for gifting purposes. Thebrand has already gained a good customer base in the international market and would like tofurther expand on that in the upcoming years, positioning itself in the international domain.

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