CBSE 10th Board Exams 2020: Important preparation tips for students

CBSE 10th Board Exams 2020: Important preparation tips for students

This year around 20 lakh students are expected to appear for this exam, which is scheduled by mid-February

For Class 10th Board exam, the preparation time is quite strenuous for students. This year almost 20 lakh students are expected to appear for this exam, which is scheduled by mid-February. During the preparation time, students deal with pressure from parents and peers at school.

Students should be mentally prepared that these board exams are also just like any other exam they appeared earlier in their lives. The only difference is this the first nationalised exams, where they would be competing with several students pan India. Instead of worrying about factors that they cannot control, they should work towards improving their subject knowledge and stay away from the pressure.

Preparation tips for CBSE Class Xth board exams to avoid stress and anxiety are:

Practice solving paper

Get the sample papers of past years that are available in bookstores and solve the papers within the stipulated time to test your knowledge base in different subjects. When you prepare and write down the answers to these questions, you get a better idea of the exam format and how to approach and solve questions during the exam.

Keep fit and stay relaxed

It is very crucial to keep fit and healthy during the entire exam preparation time and more importantly, before the exams. Only then you can give your best shot. Eat healthily, get proper sleep, drink adequate water and exercise regularly when you are preparing for the exams. More important is that you should stay away from unnecessary stress. Avoid junk food and overeating to keep lethargy at bay.

Do not leave any topic for the end

There is a possibility that you may find a few topics a bit difficult and may leave that topic to study in the end or at the last moment. This would create a lot of pressure on you just before the exams. Please cover all topics, including the ones you find difficult a few months before the exams begin. Approach your teachers or parents to understand the difficult topics or the topics in which you feel you are comparatively weak and be 100 per cent ready before your exams.

Make brief notes while studying

Create brief and precise notes from textbooks, reference books when you are preparing for a particular topic so that you improve your understanding of the same. For each subject, prepare separate notes. Ensure to highlight important formulae and headings so that you can find it easily when you revise the topics later.

Make a time table

Ahead of two or three months of the board exams make a time-table giving enough time to every subject. Don't forget to include short breaks in between long hours of study so that your mind gets refreshed. Short breaks will help you to retain and apply information better.


Discuss with your friend, your parent or talk to a mentor and find out more about your strengths and weaknesses related to a particular subject. Work on the topics that you feel you are weak and give your best to improve yourself.

Practice writing

During your actual board exam, you have to write a lot that too at a uniform speed to complete the paper within a specified time. Start taking practise tests within allocated periods it will help you a lot, and you can assess yourself where you stand in this domain.

The grades in your board exams would impact your career graph. Be calm and composed in this practice time, once your mind is calm and centred, you would be able to face the board exams confidently and get the marks you deserve. I wish good luck and encourage all the students to make wholehearted efforts to excel in the Board exams. I request parents not to create unnecessary pressure and support their children.

Wish you all the best!

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