Specially Abled Students Excel in Online Courses

Specially Abled Students Excel in Online Courses

11.3% of Online Students in higher education identify as specially-abled survey reveals

College Vidya, has recently surveyed over ten thousand students shedding light on the achievements of specially-abled students in online education. A qualitative and quantitative analysis of the survey found that with every ten thousand students enrolling for online courses 11.3% identify themselves as differently abled.

The survey further revealed that programs like B.Com, BBA, M.Com & MBA are these students' top four choices, along with new age courses like CyberSecurity, Data Analytics, Generative AI and others. It also highlighted the lack of infrastructure for specially-abled students in regular colleges and thus most of them opt for online education which offers a more viable option to them, providing a platform that accommodates their needs and fosters inclusive learning environments.

The survey also revealed that most of these students hail from tier I and II cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and others, reflecting online education initiatives' widespread reach and impact. Additionally, the male-to-female ratio among differently-abled students stands at approximately 70:30, indicating that there is a lot of scope for female learners who can benefit from online education.

One of the most encouraging findings is the high rate of course completion, with nearly 92% of specially-abled students successfully finishing their online courses. It also showcased that the implementation of financial aid and inclusive learning materials is one of the most important reasons for them to take up online higher education.

Rohit Gupta, Co-founder & COO of College Vidya, said, “This highlights a significant milestone in recognizing the potential of specially-abled students in the realm of online education. Their resilience and dedication inspire us to continually enhance accessibility and support mechanisms within our platform”.

Moreover, the survey highlights a notable trend in retention and success rates, with specially-abled students exhibiting lower dropout rates compared to their regular counterparts. This underscores the effectiveness of online education in providing a flexible and supportive learning environment for all students.

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