Brahmin welfare: TS is role model for country

CM KCR will inaugurate ‘Telangana Brahmin Sadan Complex’ in Hyderabad on May 31

CM KCR will inaugurate ‘Telangana Brahmin Sadan Complex’ in Hyderabad on May 31


Learning of the budgetary provision of Rs 100 crore for Telangana Brahmin Sadan Complex, several prominent Brahmin Leaders of other states like UP, where Brahmin population is more than other states, were astonished. No other state is executing welfare programmes like Telangana for the Brahmin community. The complex is located in over 9 acres land at Gopanapally in Hyderabad

A significant number of Brahmins played an influential and key role, flawlessly to the precision, in the evolution of the modern society, from social reforms to modern science, from literature to cinema, from politics to public administration, from spirituality to communism, from traditional values to progressive thinking etc. Immediately after Independence also, Brahmins were in a position to get in to significant positions. However, with the passing of time, Brahmins all over have become a target from many corners for various reasons, especially down the South of the country.

As a result, Brahmin community became very weak in the society and the opportunities were on the decline. The role of Brahmin Community was confined to be a Vedic scholar or a ritual performer or other related roles only. It became a suffering lot, politically, socially, and financially barring negligible few, although every citizen in the country is guaranteed equal rights in the Indian Constitution. For all this seeds were sown under the British Rule, at a time when Brahmins were in the forefront in the National Movement along with others.

In the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh and at the time of formation of Telangana, there was a lot of discrimination against Brahmins in several aspects. But, since the formation, progressively, benefits to economically backward Brahmin individual are on a par with all others, thanks to the distinct interest evinced by Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao. For the first time and as a first of its kind organization ‘The Telangana Brahmin Samkshema Parishad’ (TBSP), a brainchild of the Chief Minister, was constituted as a registered society with 17 members headed by Dr KV Ramana Chary as Chairman in January 2017. For the past six years, TBSP has been initiating and implementing several welfare programs, benefitting over 6500 Brahmins.

The ‘Telangana Brahmin Sadan Complex’ in a sprawling over nine acres, allotted by the government in December 2016, at Gopanapally in Hyderabad is a major initiative of Telangana Brahmin Samkshema Parishad, which ultimately would become the center for Brahmins welfare activities in Telangana. The Bhoomi Puja for the complex was performed by Minister KT Rama Rao in February 2017. On May 31, 2023, Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao will inaugurate the magnificent ‘Telangana Brahmin Sadan Complex’ consisting of blocks of Kalyan Mandapam, Information Centre, Seers’ Accommodation etc. constructed at a cost of Rs 12.50 crores.

In addition, in future expansion, Mini Auditorium, Primary Health Centre, Boys Hostel, General Hostel and Mess, Girls Hostel, Women Centre, Staff Quarters, and Temple Complex will be constructed. Under land donation category, Brahmin Sadans at Suryapet, Madhira, Khammam, Peddapally and Beechpally are in different stages. An expected 10,000 plus gathering from across the state and country who among others include Peetaadhipathis, representatives of Brahmin associations, Brahmin Social personalities, Veda Pandits, Archakas from famous temples etc. likely to attend the meeting. On the suggestion of CM KCR, both ‘Chandi Yagam and ‘Sudarshan Yagam’ will be performed on that day.

Reviewing the preparations expected to be organized at the time of inauguration on May 13, 2023 at Secretariat, CM KCR said that the ideology and philosophy of Telangana BRS Government has been ‘Welfare of All’ with the concept of ‘Love All Human Beings’. Accordingly, said CM KCR that the Government is determined for the welfare of Brahmins also in general and particularly the economically backward ones in the community.

Accordingly, said KCR that adequate funds are being provided on a regular basis to the Brahmin Parishad for its schemes and programs uninterruptedly, besides land for construction of Brahmin Sadan. Learning of the budgetary provision of Rs 100 crore for it, several prominent Brahmin Leaders of other states like UP, where Brahmin population is more than other states, were astonished. No other state is executing welfare programmes like Telangana for the Brahmin community.

KCR desires that the ‘Telangana Brahmin Sadan Complex’ should transform itself into a Spiritual and Community Center accessible to all communities to spread peace, tranquility, and devotion to the present and future generations and also to be equipped with adequate and relevant Library Books as well as a Digital Library. This shall consist of literature such as spiritual scriptures, Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas etc. for guiding interested persons on performing Yagas, Vratas like Satyanarayana, various poojas, Deekshas etc. KCR also suggested that the Brahmin Sadan should be a Training Resource and information Center on above aspects spreading devotional and spiritual thoughts.

For all this there was a qualitative background in conceiving and forming the first of its kind ‘Telangana Brahmin Samkshema Parishad’. A brainstorming Brahmin Welfare Meeting chaired by Chief Minister KCR was held on 23rd of October 2016 at Dr MCRHRD Institute in Hyderabad attended by about 100 Brahmin representatives from across the state as well as some experienced from neighboring state on invitation. Sharing his views, the Chief Minister had given emphasis to the role of Brahmins since ages and highlighted how they have been in the service to society and humanity.

KCR spoke eloquently on various hardships, issues and problems faced by Brahmin Community and cited several examples. In that context, he favored that the community should overcome these difficulties and obstacles through a well-conceived strategy and comprehensive plan of action. The proposal that he presented then was, to begin with, construct a complex to be known as ‘Brahmin Sadan’ making available all the facilities that the Brahmins require, and also as a center for all the traditional ceremonies, celebrations and other community activities of the Brahmins and to be organized under one roof and at one place. That was the Genesis of ‘Telangana Brahmin Sadan Complex’. At a time when Brahmins were badly in need of getting their due share of respect and material support from the governments, Telangana State became a unique exception and a ‘Role Model’ for other states to initiate Brahmin Welfare in a big way.

Besides Brahmin Sadan, TBSP implements schemes like Vivekananda Overseas Education (Fee reimbursement for higher studies abroad with an upper limit of Rs 20 lakhs-780 beneficiaries), Brahmin Entrepreneurial (Financial Assistance not exceeding Rs 5 lakhs to set-up self-employment units-5074 beneficiaries), Sri Ramanuja (Fee reimbursement for post metric studies-436 beneficiaries), Grant to Veda Patashala (One time grant to impart Vedic education along with regular academic studies-32 Patashalas availed), Sustenance Allowance to Vedic Students, Vedic Students assistance (Stipend of Rs 250 per month-245 beneficiaries), Veda and Shastra Pandits Honorarium (Rs.2,500 per month-64 beneficiaries), Sampradaya Patashala (100 beneficiaries) etc. An amount of Rs 250 crores has been released for the above-mentioned schemes by the Government.

The imitative taken by CM KCR in October 2016 paved way and brought to light the true essence of Brahmin Welfare and the need of the society to preserve and protect them for larger interest of the society in general and country in particular in addition to assisting the community directly besides drawing a strategy for it. It also led to encouragement to Vedic studies, financial assistance to spiritual thinkers, provision for education, skill development, encouragement to entrepreneurs etc.

The ‘Telangana Brahmin Sadan Complex’ will be a platform for development of Brahmin community and provides for a traditional accommodation to Peetaadhipathis and Scholars coming from outside. This is in a way an all-round development plan of the Brahmin community. Telangana Brahmin Welfare is now a Role Model to other states.

(The Writer is Vice Chairman, Telangana Brahmin Samkshema Parishad and CPRO to CM)

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