Do we need new Constitution?

Do we need new Constitution?

It will only benefit politicians I strongly disagree with implementing new Constitution. Drafting a new Constitution will only benefit the...

It will only benefit politicians

I strongly disagree with implementing new Constitution. Drafting a new Constitution will only benefit the politicians. It is like reforming our culture, values & ethics. Our Constitution is the result of the efforts of 299 members & it took 2 years 11 months & 18 days to complete. Our Constitution is one of the finest constitution & secured. It imparts constitutional supremacy. Where geography speaks of diversity,

where religion speaks of diversity. Our Constitution is something that speaks of equality. That is our values lie in it.

The thing that required is change in the mindset of the people not the new Constitution.

- Anaberi Nithisha, social worker from Karimnagar

No need of new Constitution

India's beauty lies not only its geography, culture but also its Constitution, which is world's largest written Constitution. It covered all sections of people, caste and creed. Hence there is no need of new Constitution

- Syed YousufHeadmaster,Govt School, Madinaguda

Our Constitution is robust

I don't think there is a need to have a new constitution for India. The present Constitution we have is a very robust one and touches up on each and every aspect of all rights and duties sections of people in the country.

In fact, the Indian Constitution is the best Constitution in the world drafted by Dr. B.R.Ambedkar. However, what we need to do is bring amendments to it whenever and wherever there is a need. I do not support for the demand for a new Constitution, but would say one thing that we can amend the constitution based on our requirements and needs.

For instance, the Telangana Chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao had coined the idea of a new Constitution for India, just because the Central government is encroaching upon the powers of the States. Instead of talking about the new Constitution, they could demand more autonomy for the States in the Constitution and resolve the issue and at the same time the State and Central government's instead of having tussles to gain political points must think from the point of view of public interest and must work for the larger good of the people and the nation instead of blaming each other and raking up the issue of change of Constitution, which is meaningless and impractical.

- A Ramchander, a contractor from Mahabubnagar

It is the best Constitution

In my view, the Indian Constitution is the best constitution and it has all ingredients in it if we explore and utilise its potential for the larger good of the nation and the people at large. However, some political leaders are demanding a new Constitution for India. In my view, even if we get a new constitution, unless and until our mindsets and the thinking process of our politicians do not change, it is useless.

In my opinion, India does not need any new Constitution; instead it needs amendments to suit our changing political and economic environment.

- Diddi Praveen Kumar, social worker from Mahbubnagar

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