Creating a positive personal impact

Creating a positive personal impact

Personal Impact is basically creating a lasting fine impression at office or social interactions. It helps a great deal in building enriching relationships.

Personal Impact is basically creating a lasting fine impression at office or social interactions. It helps a great deal in building enriching relationships.

What is Personal Impact? When people notice you at different occasions, they assess your various traits - voice, words, posture, body language, grooming & personality.

With right impressions, people start to gain trust in you. What do you do to make a better Personal Impact? Learn to relax, close your eyes & imagine you, visualize how you look, stand, speak, words you use, imagine & experience the best version of you. And you start enjoying the experience.

It's important to question oneself: What was the learning like, what are the things to master, believing to become the best you, how to enrich oneself, using the personal brand to develop overall personality, key takeaways, and what am I passionate about.

At work front, it's essential to be socially intelligent. Creating a strong personal impact is essential to come across as a more confident person. Often during first impressions, being confident works to ones advantage.

According to Juluri Srinivas, a Professional General & Laproscopy Surgeon & Doctor, Personal Impact is standing out from the rest be it at the professional, personal or at social interactions.One has to create an impact at work through cordial behaviour setting high standards with high focus and professionalism. Srinivas states that one has to make a difference by grooming youngsters, preparing the next generation, stand by juniors by being firm with full discipline. Surgeons add standards of professionalism which are higher margin for error less. Hobbies are important as it takes one away in finding solutions to vexing issues. I make it a point to give in time to relaxation. My Mentors and Role models whom I admire set an example with professionalism and awesomeness in their field include: Dr Kodali Tirumala Prasad, Army & Col Dr V Bhaskaran, Ex-Army.

Worrying will jeopardize growth in creating negative vibes.Work experience counts in enhancing confidence levels. One has to visualize to generate the maximum positivity.

People will see you differently as you start feeling different. As you work on breaking negative habits, a new you emerges. This new version of you is more confident, people friendly, with amazing communication & presentation skills, having a unique personality, well liked in the community by peers, sought after by all.

With a new identity, one starts to set a unique trend both professionally and personally. Leadership, new thinking, good confidence & motivation, one moves ahead faster, further & higher towards exploring broader horizons.

To make a mark, creating a sustained Personal Impact is crucial to garner the maximum results. For young professionals & students, grooming has to start from early days. As they enter workstations or college, a new identity is created as they have already laid a strong foundation.This would prepare them for better roles with greener pastures.

Having a personal impact and creating a brand statement makes one a brand. The personality of such individuals is a powerhouse of demand from various sources. As they rise on every occasion, they are branded as good leaders with knowledge and wisdom. Living up to the occasion is something they practice with diligence and good loyalty with a popularity amongst masses.

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