eLearning-Vital for professional skilling in life sciences sector

eLearning-Vital for professional skilling in life sciences sector

With eLearning market being estimated to value around $840 billion by 2030 and millions of dollars being spent on education in the field of life sciences, its prevailing presence can be felt all across the sector.

With eLearning market being estimated to value around $840 billion by 2030 and millions of dollars being spent on education in the field of life sciences, its prevailing presence can be felt all across the sector. The ability to access learning and delivery tools, study materials, and a lot more, while also saving cost and time are making eLearning an integral part of Life Sciences for future of professional training and skilling.

Interactive technology

Communication between teacher and the learner plays an important role in the process of learning and as life sciences can be a difficult course if not understood well it requires a receiver and feedback communication. Due to the pandemic, many sectors were forced to run digitally to maintain its epitome, in which education was a part. Technology being a part of education was a blessing in disguise a learner could ever receive, as with the help of interactive technology learners could communicate and interact with their professional trainers which equated the process of learning in the classroom.

Efficient content delivery

The E-Learning platform continues being the future of the education sector and is one of the best outcomes done by the pandemic. The eLearning platforms in the life science sector helps the students to view the content and information posted by their professional trainers irrespective of the place and time.

Learning and understanding clinical research, pharmacovigilance, clinical data management, business analytics, drug regulatory and other molecular, cellular and other basis of therapy could be tough hence the 24/7 access to view the content allows the student to learn at their pace and time easily which is not available in in-person-classes (offline classes).

Wider access of trainers

eLearning provides the learners the choice to opt for overseas learning as well as distance learning in their own country to choose to learn from the best life science professional trainers as distance are no longer an issue and students can learn at their comfort level from home. eLearning helps the students to study multiple aspects at the same time at their own pace by opting for distance learning giving them wider access to trainers around the world.

Brings down fees

Medium eLearning saves a significant amount of money as training costs are considerably reduced as education is practiced through digital medium. E-learning benefits the students in many ways and saving on training fee is one of them. As institutions run through digital medium and save expensive real estate costs, using e-learning platforms students receive the same academic knowledge for a reduced fee which benefits the learners explicitly.

Cost benefit for students

Apart from saving on training costs due to reduced fees, students also save considerably on other aspects as well. Travelling is one of the aspects that students end up saving on due to eLearning as students learn through the comfort of their home which helps them to save on hostel charges as they no longer have to stay in hostels to avoid travelling. Apart from this in general students save a considerable amount of money on living costs.

Provides great support

Even with reduction of fees the benefits that students receive remain the same with the method of E-Learning as well. Placement support is one of the most important aspects of education especially in life science sector and even through the medium of eLearning this process manages to function in the exact same way however with the comfort of one's home. Through the eLearning platform universities can set up interviews with recruiters for their students in hospitals and laboratories through the use of digital sources instead of the students travelling from one place to another. E-learning benefits overseas studies explicitly as international learners can complete their preferred interviews in their own country through the use of digital technologies.

Saves time

The method of learning through electronic medium saves a lot of time for students as the travelling time gets saved as eLearning provides the students to study from home. The saved time due to eLearning helps the learners to get some extra time in their hands to concentrate on their studies and other important roles in life. Technological benefits

E-Learning benefits the life science sector greatly as with the help of cloud technology and eLearning it becomes easier to train the students on specialized life sciences software and databases. Understanding various aspects of the drug development process, drug safety, regulatory, data management, and analytics have become easier through online mediums. Access to contents, audio video recordings, software 24x7 benefits the students to clear their doubt whenever they want.

There is constant improvement in eLearning in the Life Sciences domain, from adopting advanced technologies to increase efficiency to satisfy learners and standardise the learning process in the future and everything in between.

(The author is the Managing Director, Cliniminds, Unit of Tenet Health Edutech Pvt.Ltd)

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