How is quality education making a way to underprivileged area?

How is quality education making a way to underprivileged area?

The process of aiding learning the development of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits is known as quality education.

The process of aiding learning the development of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits is known as quality education. A few examples of educational techniques are debate, teaching, training, and guided study. Educators are typically present when learning is taking place, but students can also educate themselves. Any event that has a forming impact on a person's thoughts, feelings, or actions may be deemed educational. Education can occur in official or informal settings. Pedagogy refers to the teaching approach.

Quality Education is a privilege especially to those who have access to all forms of knowledge be it digital or conventional mode of education. The level of education offered in rural and urban areas of the nation differs significantly. Education here is still a privilege, whereas rural areas still lack the quality education. The quality education is still savored by privileged areas who can afford to send their kids to private institutions that offer quality education.

Here is how quality education is making way for underprivileged areas:

By providing them a good education with all facilities which they can use and prolong their educational aspirations.

♦ Quality education makes them more aware about their healthcare. They get education with equal importance to their health and hygiene.

♦ It makes them more self reliant and can land them in a good job making them financially secure and independent. If you want to be independent, having a good education is crucial. Although it does not stop there, it aids in your financial independence. Education also increases your wisdom, enabling you to make independent decisions.

♦ Quality education makes them aware about the global issues and how they can contribute to the national interests and how they can represent their country at a bigger platform.

♦ Quality education makes them choose between right or wrong. Our ability to distinguish between right and wrong is significantly influenced by our education. An educated individual is well aware of the repercussions of improper or unlawful activities and is less likely to be swayed into acting in a way that is against the law or morally wrong. Additionally, many illiterate individuals who experience poverty due to a lack of possibilities frequently turn to criminal means of resolving their issues, such as stealing and robbery. If you are educated, you are aware of your legal rights, the law, and your social obligations. Education therefore has a significant role in social harmony and peace.

♦ Many individuals continue to live below the poverty line in underdeveloped and developing countries, where the literacy rate is lower. A nation's economic development depends on its level of education.

♦ Your education becomes your identity. Many people use your college credentials as evidence of your knowledge. You have a better chance of being heard and taken seriously if you are educated. Due to lack of confidence, an ignorant man will typically find it more difficult to convey his views and beliefs. Even if he succeeds, he might not be taken seriously by others. Your confidence to voice your opinions grows as a result of your education.

♦ Education is the key that will fulfill your aspirations and dreams. A person with greater education is more likely to find a decent, well-paying job. Everyone desires a happy life, but not the perfect existence. Money may be the "source of all evil," but the majority of people would agree that it is necessary for survival in the modern world. Your employment prospects will be better the more educated you are.

These are the things that quality education gives to privileged areas. They have better opportunities to thrive and get a good education while the underprivileged still lack these platforms where they can savor such opportunities. According to a study, it has been noted that the majority of students chose private universities due to the high quality of their education.

More than 38 per cent of students in rural areas and almost 30 per cent of students in metropolitan areas stated this reason. The majority of people believed that the educational quality was better in private institutions and subpar in nearby government institutions. More than 28 per centof female students in metropolitan areas cited the convenience of the location of the school. English medium was also mentioned as a factor in the choice of private institutions by about 15 per cent of rural and urban respondents, respectively.

(The author is the Vice President, Lovely Professional University)

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