Today is World Youth Skills Day: Creativity skills are important

Today is World Youth Skills Day: Creativity skills are important

The theme of the year 2022 is: Learning and skills for life, work and sustainable development

In the next 5 to 10 years the world will shift to skill and attitudes-based hiring. Degree or university-based hiring will be a thing of the past. Problem-solving collaboration, organisational, communication and creativity are skills that are most required and are the hardest to find in today's youth.

Add on top of it missing attitudes like citizenship, sustainability, integrity and workplace ethics, which make hiring and retention extremely difficult. We need to redesign our education system and the skilling programmes to support the development of these fundamental and core traits required in the future workforce, hard skills or domain-specific skills can be layered on top of these.

For example, in the same ways in which we are focusing on acquainting our future workforces with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, we need to equally focus on including sustainability as a horizontal layer that sits as the foundation for all other passions and interests.

We need to develop sustainability as a core part of the curriculum and not a specialised subject. Because we don't just need climate specialists in the future, but we need engineers who are dedicated to creating technology that works on green power, lawyers who are well-versed with environmental law and business leaders who are ethical and efficiently utilise resources.

(The writer is the Managing Director of 1M1B Foundation-UN Accredited Youth focused organisation that focuses on skill development, job creation, training youths for future jobs)

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