Two Thieves Caught Red-Handed Stealing Wires From The Tracks Of Indian Railways In Karnataka

Apprentices demand not acceptable, Railways clarify

Apprentices' demand not acceptable, Railways clarify


  • Two thieves were caught stealing wires from the railway tracks.
  • Six people were involved in the group, among them four are on the run

The Government Railway Police (GRP) in the South Western Railway Zone found two thieves red-handed attempting to steal copper from overhead electrical wires on railway tracks on Wednesday.

According to police, the thefts took place on the tracks between Anegere and Hulkoti Railway stations, which are located on the Hosapete-Gadag route.

Ravi Parsappa and a juvenile kid were discovered roaming on a bike early on Wednesday morning, according to GRP Vijayapura Circle Inspector D B Patil. They were part of a six-person group that had stolen 400 metres of copper wire worth approximately Rs 4 lakh from a market in the previous week.

Inspector D B Patil said that their constables discovered them wandering about suspiciously on the road near the racetrack. They were carrying a bag with cutting instruments. They were apprehended and confessed to stealing copper wire during interrogation. They took the investigators to a location where 200 metres of stolen wire had been hidden.

The two thieves were charged under Section 379 of the Criminal Code. The other suspects, Nagesh, Sidhu, Arjun, and another Ravi, are on the run, and a manhunt is underway to apprehend them, he added.

The group's strategy was to scramble the electrical poles along the railway tracks in the dead of night and cut everything they could from the cables that were erected for electrification.

Meanwhile, the inspector, one metre of copper wire sells for at least Rs 1,000 in the market, thus it was excellent money for them.

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