Try these simple hacks if you are suffering with wrinkles

Try these simple hacks if you are suffering with wrinkles

Try these simple hacks if you are suffering with wrinkles


Wrinkles are the most common problem in the women

Wrinkles are the most common problem in the women. They are the lines and creases that form in your skin due to various factors, age (and the years of sun exposure that comes with it) being the most obvious. As you get older, your skin becomes less elastic and more fragile. Decreased production of natural oils dries out your skin and makes it appear more wrinkled. Fat in your face also begins to diminish, causing loose, saggy skin and more noticeable lines. The appearance of wrinkles can be improved over time. While more severe wrinkles typically can't be entirely reversed, their appearance can be diminished if you're using these powerful products.


UV rays are one of the biggest causes of premature wrinkles, so sunscreen is the ultimate secret to maintaining a youthful complexion. Protecting your skin from UV rays will help prevent the formation of new wrinkles as well as slow the worsening of existing ones on your face.


Retinoids, the gold standard for wrinkle reduction, are vitamin-A derivatives that stimulate cell turnover and boost collagen production, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Retinoids is the umbrella term for all such derivatives including retinol, which you can find in over-the-counter products, and Retin-A, available by prescription.

In addition to wrinkle-reducing capabilities, retinoids can soften skin, even out texture, and fade dark spots. But with great potency comes the risk of irritation. To avoid any redness and flaking, start using a retinoid twice a week and follow it immediately with moisturizer. After a few weeks, step up your usage to three times a week.

And since retinoids can make you more sensitive to UV rays, experts recommend using it only at night, when you're not exposed to the sun. If you do use it in the morning, make sure to be extra vigilant when reapplying sunscreen.


Antioxidants — vitamin C, niacinamide, or resveratrol work to neutralize free radicals, which cause damage to our skin cells and therefore cause wrinkles, and boost collagen production. To get the most protection, cleanse the skin, apply an antioxidant-packed serum immediately, and then wait five minutes before putting on sunscreen. This will prevent you from diluting the formula.

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