Hyderabadi crowned 'Miss Telangana and Miss India Super Model Best Catwalk'

Hyderabadi crowned ‘Miss Telangana and Miss India Super Model Best Catwalk’

Hyderabadi crowned ‘Miss Telangana and Miss India Super Model Best Catwalk’


Shivali Ganda, a 23-year-old born and bought up in the city of pearls wins the title of Miss Telangana and Miss India Super Model Best Catwalk. On the Occasion of Women’s Day, Shivali shares how important it is to accept your flaws and never get affected by the trollers

'Unexpected things happen in the most unexpected way'. We all have been hearing this, but when these unexpected things happen in reality, we feel so blessed and overwhelmed. This is what happened when a 23-year-old Shivali who was born and bought up in Hyderabad, won the crown of Miss Telangana and Miss India Super Model Best catwalk 2021 on 27th February.

She shares, "I never thought of becoming a model or participating in any such pageants. It was all unexpected. Since, I'm a Mass Communication student, I have always been doing these small shoots and had classmates and other friends into fashion photography. They used to call me for shoots and collabs with various brands. I was just a novice model.

I just wanted to try this out. My friends made my portfolio and registered me in this pageant which I was unaware of. One day I just got a call from the organisers that tomorrow is the audition. I had no experience for this and my mom suggested me to participate after which I went for the auditions after which I got selected."

Shivali shares that this all was before the lockdown and was supposed to be in 2020 which got postponed. Shivali is a trained classical vocalist, trained in dancing, artist, sculpting and also loves trekking. She has also worked with several NGO's and have actively participated in the adoption of country dogs.

The love for art

Sharing about her love for music and dancing, Shivali shares, "My grandfather and my mom both of them are into music he plays keyboard and sings too. When I was a kid I use to sing along with my grandfather and mom and as soon as they realised that I can sing they encouraged me to sing. I was doing pretty well in handling both my academics as well as music. In my school time I use to sing and took part in extracurricular activities because I love to sing, dance and paint. When I was in 4th grade I had these two amazing teachers who use to be behind my mom for an year telling her to join me in some music college or something which made my mom convinced for sending me to music school. I have been providing classes for dancing also."

Love the one who needs your love

Shivali has been doing her best to participate in various programs with few NGO's along with her friends. "It was in my 7th grade when we visited to 'The home for mentally challenged' in Ranigunj. That day when I communicated with them, they literally had my heart. After a few days on my birthday, I decided to celebrate my birthday with them. Since then I have always or let's say weekly twice or thrice have been visiting and spending time with them. They have become my family, where i know them and they know me and some people with memory problems there still recognize me i have a very good bond with them. I have to plan q few things for those kids because i have seen they are very talented, they can sing, dance and are good art. I really want to do something in that aspect where i can train them to become independent."

She is also a part of Monsoon Raga foundation, founder by her dance sir who has been like a mentor for her since years. Monsoon raga foundation is about uplifting the artform.

Love yourself and accept the flaws

Shivali shares that it is very important for one to accept their flaws. It is definitely good to feel that you can improve yourself. It is good to pamper yourself but definitely not right to pressurize yourself about things that's not in your hand.

She adds, "I have a lot of scars as I am also into dancing and trekking. As a model we need to wear short clothes and I have scars in my thigh itself. Before going also my mom reminded me of having scars in your thighs and also have a silencer mark in your leg. It is too much load to take on your head for every single thing everyone wants to look presentable and there's nothing wrong in it but be yourself. I want to be an example and make people understand how important it is to accept your flaws. For the paegent I wore really short dress and my scar was visible. This was the first time I felt concious but everyone, my fellow contestants came and appreciated me for how gracefully I carried it."

Trolling-Trolling everywhere

Shivali sharing about trolling and negativity on social media that rather than getting angry she feels sad for these people who pull others down for their own fun.

She adds, "I don't understand what people get out of trolling a person, there's a thin between being funny and trolling and it can hit a person mentally very hard. However, do give them a piece of your mouth if it's becoming too much just stand up for yourself but do not let it pull you down because these are the people who are not in your possession and that's why they are talking about you. They have been investing so much time in bringing someone else down instead of putting that time to improve yourself it's just sad to see. For me they are like my secret well-wishers, I would rather thank these trollers for investing so much time in me and for giving so much importance."

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