Date - The Paradise Fruit

Date - The Paradise Fruit

Date the 'paradise fruit', is considered as one of the most nutritious and delicious fruit with several health benefits.

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said, "Indeed in dates, there is a cure."

Date the "paradise fruit", is considered as one of the most nutritious and delicious fruit. During Ramadan, we break our fast with dates because Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to break his fast with dates.

Dates are the most important part of the fasting, we stock our kitchen cabinets with this amazing fruit, did you ever wonder why? This sweet fruit is packed with tremendous nutrients and health benefits.

Nutritional Facts of Dates

Health Benefits of Dates

Improves digestion

Dates are an excellent solution for digestive problems. Dates contain amino acids, enzymes and soluble fibres that are crucial for good digestion. It can also treat diarrhoea as it is a rich source of potassium. If you ever face a digestive problem, consume a few dates at night and have few in the morning, this will strengthen the good bacteria in the stomach and relieve discomfort in a short time.

Good for heart

As dates have a good amount of potassium and fibre they also help in reducing LDL cholesterol levels in the body, which helps in preventing heart-related diseases. Potassium works wonders for our body by keeping all heart problems under control. For a strong and healthy heart, it is advised to take dates twice a week.

Strengthens the nervous system

Dates are known to contain 3 times the amount of potassium found in bananas. They help to gain nerves of steel. Literally! The vitamin B that is found in the dates is vital for the effects of balance of mood and proper nerve function.

Improves bone health

Osteoporosis is very common among women. This is due to the weakening of the bones with age. Dates contain the ideal amount of magnesium, manganese and selenium to strengthen our bones and keep them healthy.

Treats and prevents Anaemia

Anaemia is caused due to lack of iron, which reduces the red blood cells in a person's body, which makes them look pale. Dates not only increase the level of iron in your body but also improves strength and vitality.

Acts as a natural energy booster

We all know how the moment of the day comes when we feel that our sugar level drops and we crave something sweet. Dates are the natural and healthy energy boosters that everyone should include in their daily diet because they contain the right amount of glucose and fructose so that you can move forward without providing extra calories. Goodbye energy drinks!

Help maintain a healthy weight

Good things come in small packages. These miraculous little workers can balance the sugar levels in your body and make you feel fuller than any junk food you cheat on your diet. Dates are also a healthy supplement for someone who wants to gain weight or does not want to lose it too quickly.

Relieves allergies

Dates are the miraculous food that can help reduce the terrible symptoms of seasonal allergies. With high levels of organic sulphur present in it, they sure act as a tonic for allergic reactions.

Help in healthy skin and hair

Consuming dates regularly provides an increase in vitamin B5, C and D that helps repair damaged skin cells and nourishes the hair and its root. Therefore, be sure to add dates to your diet for a smooth skin for the baby and the bright, strong hair you have always dreamed of.

Such a delicious fruit with tremendous nutritional values should not only be consumed during Ramadan but should also be included in the daily routine. This Ramadan, do not think about sweets, have dates. In addition to satisfying your desire, you will also get some health benefits! May you have a healthy and happy Ramadan!

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