For that healthy fasting

For that healthy fasting

Eating healthy during Ramadan is very crucial. Ensure that you have a nutritious meal that includes fibre, carbohydrates and protein.

Fasting during Ramadan can pose a challenge for people with dietary issues if not followed in the right way. Eating healthy and proper consumption of nutrients during this time is very crucial.

Don't Skip Sehri: Sehri the pre-dawn meal like breakfast is the most important snack of the day. It contributes to a large extent in storing up nutrients to replenish the body's need until Iftar.

Sometimes waking up early becomes a challenge and you happen to miss the meal. But, skipping sehri can cause digestive uneasiness and leave you lethargic throughout the day. Therefore, make sure you have a nutritious meal that includes fibre, carbohydrates and protein-rich food.

Stay Hydrated: The most essential tip during Ramadan is to keep you hydrated. One needs to balance the consumption of liquids to compensate for not drinking 8 glasses of water. Dehydration can lead to other problems like constipation, headache, and tiredness.

Therefore, drinking two-three glasses of water in sehri is very important. Consume water-rich fruits and vegetables to meet the daily water intake like watermelon and cucumber. Avoid unhealthy drinks like aerated beverages and the drinks that contain caffeine.

Eat Moderately: People tend to indulge in heavy intake of meals after iftar but it is advisable to eat in moderation and keep a constant check on the food intake. Overeating can result in uneasiness and digestive issues. There is also a risk for an increase in heart-related issues along with triggering type-2 diabetes. It is advisable to consume fresh fruits and avoid processed food.

Ditch Oily Food: During Iftaar it is essential to refrain from consuming fried food items as they contain lesser nutrients and more fat which leads to instant acidity and nausea, as well as cause heartburn and indigestion. Prefer food cooked with lesser oil, fresh fruits and vegetables, grilled meat. Choose healthier options like dry fruits that include dates and nuts.

Sleep Well: Sleep helps in digestion and body to get repaired, so it is very important to get enough sleep when you are fasting. If you feel that your energy levels are low, find a quiet place and take a short nap.

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