Betel Leaves: Health Benefits and Tips

Betel Leaves Health Benefits and Tips

Betel Leaves: Health Benefits and Tips


Betel leaf is an herb; their shape is like a romantic heart. They are edible and contain a lot of medicinal value.

Is your skin prone to acne or pimples and very often do you complain about varied health problems such as headache, muscular cramps and respiratory problems. A single leaf can help address most of your health problems. You may be wondering, what it is, its Paan ka Patta or betel leaf.

Some of the Medicinal Benefits of Betel leaves are listed below

1. Helps Maintain Oral Hygiene

This herb helps prevent tooth decay and it also helps in keeping both teeth as well as gums healthy. When you start using oil made from betel leaf for oral hygiene, it keeps your breath fresh and prevents bad breath. This oil also stops oral bleeds and helps maintain oral hygiene.


In warm water mix two or three drops of betel leaf oil and gargle in the morning every day, you will notice your oral health improve.

2. Stops Nose bleeding

Betel leaves prevent and cure sunstroke. During summers, we find most kids get affected by sunstroke and due to it, their nose starts bleeding. You can address this problem by following the below tip.


Roll a betel leaf and insert it in your child's nose and make them lie down for some time and soon you will notice bleeding from their nose gets stopped.

3. Stop earaches

Ear problem can make anyone uncomfortable, especially children; they become restless and start crying. Betel leaf can help stop earaches, you can use this below tip to address this problem. .


Take coconut oil and add 5 to 6 drops of betel leaf oil or juice to it. Then put drops of this mixture into the ears. This would help stop your earaches and both, you and your children will find relief from ear pain.

4. Antiseptic

For centuries betel leaf has been known to cure varied ailments relating to stomach and they have been used as a general tonic. They are usually chewed with betel nut, as a stimulatory.


Apply the betel leaves paste on fungal infected area, soon you will find the fungal infected area getting healed.

5. Ditch the chemical deodorant

For many it may be surprising that, betel leaves juice or oil is best deodorant, it prevents the body from excessive sweating.


Add a few drops of betel juice or oil in your bath water and take a bath regularly and soon you will notice body does not have unpleasant smell because of sweat.

6. Eases out the flow of Urination

Individuals suffering from kidney problems, if they want ease out the flow of urine they have a home remedy.


Take a fresh betel leaf, crush it and extract juice and mix it in milk and drink it, you will notice that, you are able to pass urine without much difficulty.

7. Vaginal Hygiene

This heart shaped herb, helps in genital shrinkage of women who have recently given birth. This home remedy is used across varied nations of the world.


Boil the betel leaves, add them in the bath water, this would help prevent vaginal discharge and itching as well.

8. Betel leaves help fight skin problem

Most of us spend, major portion of our income on skin lotions, creams, toners and face pack, so that one can have clear skin. Only a few of us are aware of antimicrobial properties of betel leaves. These properties help individuals to have acne free, smooth skin. It also helps cure and prevent skin allergies, rashes due to dry skin. Even dark spots and sunburns can be treated with betel leaves.


Mix betel juice and turmeric, apply this mixture on your face for few days and you will notice the difference in few days.

9. Ease out the headache

Betel leaves are known to have cooling property and helps ease out the headache.


Take fresh betel leaves and keep them on your forehead and you will notice relief from headache, you can also apply fresh betel juice on your forehead, it helps ease out the pain in your head.

10. Improve Alertness

If you are feeling lethargic lately, betel leave can help improve mental health and improve alertness.


Make betel juice and add a dash of honey to it, consume it regularly this would improve your mental health and alertness.

11. Wounds heal faster

There are about six types of wounds they include incised wound, laceration, abrasion, puncture, avulsion and amputation. One leaf can help heal all of these wounds.


Squeeze out betel juice and apply it over the injury and then place freshly plucked betel leaf on top of it and cover it with a bandage. You will notice the injury or the wound getting healed faster.

12. Help Treat respiratory Problem

Betel leaves plays a significant role in treating asthma, chest congestion and respiratory problems.


Warm betel leaf and then apply mustard oil on it and place these leaves on your chest, when you get asthma attack or congestion. Another thing, what you can do is, boil fresh betel leaves along with cinnamon and cardamom until it gets thicker consistency and you can have this concoction often. This would definitely provide relief from respiratory problems as well as congestion.

13. Get Rid of Muscular Cramps

Betel leaves offer relief to those individuals suffering from lumbago or sciatica. Lumbago is a general term for lower back pain. Sciatica is a sensation, where you experience moderate to intense pain in lower back, buttocks and legs.


Mix either betel juice or oil with coconut oil and massage this mixture in the lower part of the body, this would help ease the pain and you will get rid of muscular cramps as well.

14. Treat Cough

One major benefit of betel leaves is, it helps treat cough. This green color leaf contains antibiotic properties.


Boil betel leaves, then add cinnamon and cardamom to it and let it thicken. Once it becomes cool, have this concoction, this would help treat both cough as well as cold.

15. Improves Digestion

During wedding or other social gathering, you must have observed people often having betel leaf after having food. The above leaf is believed to contain gastro protective as well as anti-flatulence properties.


When you have stomach upset, massage betel leaf oil on your stomach it would release carminative acids in the body and this would help provide relief from stomach aches and food eaten also gets digested easily. Secondly to boost digestion in children, you can prepare betel leaf juice and then add pepper to it and give them to children on regular basis.

Betel leaf contains lot of medicinal properties, start having them daily. You can either purchase betel leaves from shops and refrigerate them and use it when needed. The other thing you can do is, have betel leaf plant at home, so that you can have to access to fresh betel leaves when required.

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