How Preferring to Travel by night helps save Money and also Time

Preferring to travel by night helps save time and money

Preferring to travel by night helps save time and money


  • Life skills are important to lead a successful life, some of the important life skill is time management and effectively using of our resources
  • Individuals by traveling by night not only save money but also time, both are effectively put to use.

Some people tend to travel very frequently and few others may travel very rarely. Those individuals who tend to travel very frequently should get habituated to travel during the night, this would not only help in saving your time but also will help you save your money or the money of the company where you work.

Time Management and Saving the Resources, are important life skills, which you must learn and also share it others. you can get some tips from our Indian PM.

Our honorable Prime Minister, Modi has a busy schedule, everyone know about it. Last week was also no different, but this fortnight, he was busy with foreign visit schedule. He had embarked on a three-day visit to Germany, Denmark and also France, earlier this month and then he went to Nepal on Buddha Jayanti.

Next week, he has another important visit to Japan, continuing his jet-setting schedule this month.

If one has a close look at his schedule, we find there is a pattern. He tends to mostly travel during the night in order to save time and attends the meeting and engagements next day and then flies overnight to the next destination. His Japan would be no different. He would be leaving on 22nd May, arriving early morning in Tokyo on 23rd May and would be off to work straight away.

Our PM would be holding meeting with top business honchos and also address the Indian community. And the very next day, he would be attending the Quad meeting, hold bilaterals and then fly back the same night to India. Looking at his recent visits, the Prime Minister has spent just one night in Germany as well as Denmark each. Similarly, during the Japan visit also, he would be spending just one night and would be travelling back during the night.

Overall, the PM Modi would have visited five nations this month while spending a total of only three nights in these nations. He would have spend about 4 nights on the plane to save time. A source who knows Prime Minister Modi for several years, has explained that long back in the early nineties, when travelling as an ordinary citizen, Narendra Modi use to put the special frequent -flyer card to good use.

At that time, he used to visit the destinations during the day and usually take the last flight back, so that the hotel stay money could be saved. He used to sleep in the plane and airports very often. As per the sources added, it has turned into one of the habits to save time as well as resources.

So, now definitely these tips would help you save both money and also your time, which you can effectively use it for productive activities.

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