International Tiger Day 2021: The Roar is Back

International Tiger Day 2021

Project Tiger is a massive success story


International Tiger Day 2021: Tiger project helped save the dwindling Tiger population. Presently about 70% of World Tiger population stay in India

Each year, on the 29th July, the international Tiger day is celebrated, to raise the awareness for tiger conservation. The tiger population in the nation has grown in the nation.

1. During the time of Indira Gandhi Government, in the year, 1973, from the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarkhand, Project Tiger was launched.

2. The tiger is an endangered species in the world. At the turn of the 20th century, the tiger population in India was around 20,000 to 40,000. Due to the hunting practices of the Maharajas as well Britishers and also due to poaching activities its population dwindled to 1870, during the seventies. Another reason, for shrinkage of their population, scarcity of these wild cats.

3. In the year, 1972, Government passed the wildlife protection Act, for the purpose of protection as well as preservation of different species of flora and fauna.

4. In 1973, the project tiger was launched; it was an ambitious project, which aimed at increasing the population of the tiger.

5. During the project initial years, there were only 9 tiger reserves in India. At present, there are about 47 tiger reserves, located in 18 tiger range states of India.

6. The initial reserves covered under the project Tiger were the Jim Corbett, Bandipur, Palamau, Ranthambore, Simlipal, Melghta and kanha national Park.

7. At the moment, little more than 2% of the nation's are is covered under the project.

Tiger project: Objectives and methodology

• Reduce factors which lead to diminishing of tiger habitats and manage them

• Next to ensure viable tiger population for scientific, ecological, economic, aesthetic and cultural values.

• The project, apart from preserving the habitats of the tigers in their ecological purity, it also does the job of a conducting tiger census in the nation, it also combats poaching.

• During the 12th plan, in the budget, nearing to 1245 crore were allocated to Project tiger. It is central government sponsored scheme.

• Assistance is also offered to the states to protect tigers in the respective states, in India, tigers are present in 1 states.

• Poaching is a big menace In India. Tigers are especially vulnerable because of their skin.

• The tiger project brought significant changes in the tiger population in the nation. About 70% of the tigers in the world are in India.

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