Makeup that lasts longer

Makeup that lasts longer

If you struggle with looking fresh all night, while pandal visiting, playing Dandiya or Bathukamma for hours together...just a little effort and make-up care is all it takes

Dandiya or Bathukamma nights are all the rage during this 9-day festival. Women try hard and don't forget money to look their best while shaking their legs.

In addition, the zeal and enthusiasm while dancing to the rhythm of DJ Dandiya, you should sweat like anything, ruining your makeup, dress and especially the look. Sounds scary, doesn't it?

Makeup can make you look like a melting wax doll if it starts to melt with sweat. But there are ways it can look as cool as it did in your room, even at the end of the night.

All you need is to hack your sleeves, and you're ready to look for fragments all night. We spoke to Hyderabad-based makeup artist Gazal Surana, she gave some tricks that will keep your makeup overnight.

Priming is the key

There are a couple of ways to make your make-up stay longer, the most important being using your primer. There are printers available in the market for all kinds of skin type, this is a full proof way of making your makeup stay longer.

Avoid foundation

Another way is to avoid wearing too much foundation and sticking to a foundation of your skin tone. When it comes to making your makeup stay longer, less is more. If the shade is not right the makeup will oxidise over time and start looking bad

Use water-based products

To prevent your makeup from melting, be sure to opt for water-based products. Use bases and concealers that blend easily with your skin and don't look shameless. Mix your base easily with a sponge, brush or fingers to make sure all parts of the face and neck are covered evenly.

If you have dry skin, moisten your face with a good moisturiser to avoid a dry and uneven appearance, and those with oily skin can mix the base with water to avoid excess oil.

Long lasting eye makeup

Eye makeup is the highlight of any festival look. Also, don't forget the fact that eye makeup, if not done with proper care, can easily ruin your appearance. You can go with a gel Kajal instead of using pencils.

You can also use an eye primer to make your eye makeup last longer. Now that your eye makeup is taken care of, remember to choose a smudge proof and waterproof eye liner.

Go for matte lipsticks

Matte lipsticks have a longer staying power compared to bright ones. Always moisten your lips with lip balms before applying matte lipsticks, you will save the agony of flaky lips. To increase the permanence power of your lipstick, first apply a layer of some translucent powder on it and pass it with a handkerchief.

Now apply two or three layers of lipstick on it. This will keep your lipstick in place throughout the night. You can go for matte makeup also it does stay longer then dewy, but then again it depends on your skin type.

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