Owning your voice

Owning your voice

Owning your voice


The true essence of owning your own voice is to create one which makes all the difference to you and those that matter

Being a voice is being impactful, strong, and responsible. It takes a lot of churning to be shaped into being a woman with a strong voice. Generating ideas and being vocal with crystal clear messaging is an art only a few have mastered with practice. The ability to form connections and be connected with others is something only a few have mastered over the years with grit and determination, by using the best techniques for the all-round development.

Skills sets

• Good communication

• Improving public speaking skills

• Personality

• Best techniques

• Good listening

• Leadership

Some of the key ingredients while seeking to own your voice are excellent communication skills, being vocal and expressive in public platforms with good expressive communication abilities, an all-round personality to count on, and usage of techniques that enhance the growth component of oneself and those of others, an innate ability to listen well with a penchant for leadership. These skill sets will surely lead the person to perform well on all fronts.

Before embarking on the journey of owning your voice, one must decipher both their inner and outer beliefs. Who are their key influencers? What is the role plays adopted? Has one put on a mask? What are the expectations of others? What is the vision statement to pursue on the way ahead?

Checks and balances play an important role. There are times when one must be open and at other times, evaluate what you say. Choosing positive and positive people makes the atmosphere good with things getting better. One must list all the values and beliefs so that one starts practicing them. Keeping the mind positive and active will generate positive vibes. Practice takes one to greater heights. One has to keep doing tasks until one gains mastery. Being valued is a feel-good factor by itself. What you say speaks of your core being and hence your voice stands out. Being heard on the right platforms makes all the difference. One has to speak up when the occasion demands. The true essence of getting a point across adds value whether one is liked or not.

Let the inner voice make a saying. It turns out to be impactful and result-oriented. When we stand up for others, we truly add an intricate essence to our whole being and more so our voice. The ethos of care and concern will attract people to us. It creates greater bonds of fortitude and strength. By being ourselves most of the time, we bring out our true persona along with a human connection with ourselves and others by creating strong bonds. With the goodwill and support of others, we have to embark on a chosen mission with greater farsightedness and resilience to reach our immediate goal. Let our voice lead us ahead.

With the advancement in careers, women are leaving no stone unturned to attain their goals. They own their voice, are very vocal, and are passionate to reach their goals. By owning a distinct voice, we are a little more responsible to convert our aspirations to goals, by being very vocal in expressing our thoughts with staunch opinions. Today, there are many platforms on several issues where women are at the forefront of being responsible and vocal.Speaking up in meetings is very good, to begin with. It improves language skills, makes one confident and determined. Planning one's career growth, engaging in exciting activities will open up one's thoughts. Everyone has accomplishments, a story that needs to be unfurled so that the distinction is recognised. Giving value is as important as taking value. Making an attempt at goals that are a real herculean challenge must be attempted. Support systems are many which can be utilized for betterment.

Let's make an attempt to listen to our own voices. Let's embark on a mission where stories stand out in the quest to create your voice. We create power, we create a breakthrough story, and we build freedom and power, to continue with a saga of untold impactful stories and destinations. The true essence of owning your own voice is to create one which makes all the difference to you and those that matter. There's a definite power to be unfolded in owning your inner voice.

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