Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

Fasting in Ramadan helps in getting closer and consciousness of Allah Almighty.

Ramadan is the holiest month of the Islamic calendar. Fasting in Ramadan helps in getting closer and consciousness of Allah Almighty.

Weakens your psyche

The psyche is the elements of an individual that forces them towards their brutal desires. We all as an individual are responsible to control these desires. Imam Ghazali writes that food and drink are the sources of strength for the psyche. So logically when you deprive the body of food and drink, it would weaken the psyche and, therefore, their ability to do anything brutal would also weaken.

So good deeds improve your spirituality and get you closer to Allah (SWT).

Strengthen your soul

Keeping up with the above point, weakening the psyche would obviously mean strengthening the soul. With this, you get more inclined towards good deeds and develop a stronger relationship with Allah (SWT). This is the reason why you feel closer to Allah (SWT) during Ramadan; there is no longer any clash between your psyche and the good deeds you want to do, and fasting is the powerhouse for everything.

Get closer to your thoughts and emotions

During Ramadan, you probably feel a sense of serenity. Very often, the furious hunger of a long fast do bother us but a sense of peace comfort us. These emotions are the straight impact of a closer connection with Allah (SWT). This calmness also allows us to be better accustomed to our own thoughts and emotions, as we slowly move away from the haste and confusion happening within us.

Free you from worldly desires

It is very obvious that while fasting you refrain from everything that invites you to do something bad. The logic behind this is that you are putting your efforts to please Allah (SWT). You try to refrain from anger and to express your basic impulse during this reason, which result in a kind of deviation from the traditional quest of our worldly desires and aspirations. Fasting enables us to be more aware of ourselves and our deeds.

May this Ramadan be a portal for great knowledge of the soul and helps in the progress of your connection with the Almighty.

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