Whatever you eat try to eat in a healthy way

Whatever you eat try to eat in a healthy way

Whatever you eat try to eat in a healthy way


Good nutrition is very crucial for health. As inherent immunity is the first line of the body to defense against any disease. There is no single food or nutrient or supplement that is proved to treat or prevent viral infection. Try to include healthy, varied balanced diet in your meal and whatever you eat try eat in a healthy way, says Sujatha Stephen , chief nutritionist registered dietitian (RD) Yashoda Hospital, Malakpet in an exclusive interview with The Hans India

What are proper guidelines that a covid positive patients should follow?

As inherent immunity is the first line of the body to defense against any disease to maintain this opt for at least five portions of fruits and vegetables a day and optimal intake of good quality protein, sufficient vitamins , minerals and fat ( that includes egg, fish, chicken without skin, milk and milk products, pulses, legumes, nuts and oil seeds). Replenish your body with adequate water intake, so this would help the person to go a long way in fighting the progression of the disease and recovery would be fast.

What are the foods that should be avoided by the covid positive and recovered patients and non covid persons?

Avoid high-sugar, high-fat and high-salt processed foods, as they can cause inflammation and also weaken your immune system. Do not overeat and try to have balanced diet food. Unnecessary vitamins and mineral supplements should not be taken unless your physician has advise you to take it.

What precautions should diabetic and heart patients follow?

Diabetic and heart patients who are infected with covid are in high risk not only during the time of covid and even after post recovery many patients suffer with hyperglycaemia and heart patients are ending up with cardiac arrest and blockage in heart. They should maintain strict medication and follow-up with doctor regularly. Along with this also diet should be regularly monitor, try to include fibre rich food and try to keep sugar level in control.

Most of covid recovered patients are losing weight, what is the reason and how they can regain their weight?

Mostly the patients who were in high medication dosage have lost there weight and can regain their weight by consuming high protein diet, stay active, do breathing excises, yoga and sleep well.

As nowadays even children are been effect with virus ?What should be there diet to boost their immunity?

As children has a good immune system than an adult , so to maintain their immune system, try to include proper protein diet in your child's diet, a boil egg, pluses , all green leafy vegetables and an any fruit daily this immunity booster would protect the child from catching the infection.

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