Financial exploitation by corporate institutions

Financial exploitation by corporate institutions

The corporate educational institutions have been exploiting students and parents in the name of various types of fees.

The education system has become a matter of business for these corporate schools and colleges. Parents, who aim for the bright future, have been thronging them with a hope of good education for their wards. But of late we have been witnessing certain unfortunate incidents like a student attempting self-immolation in one of the Narayana colleges recently. The government has failed to keep an eye on the corporate institutions exploiting the common man in the name of fees.

Govt does not have mechanism to control fee structure

Education plays a key role in the development of any country. In 21st Century, certainly education is one of the pivotal areas to be focused persistently for developing countries to ensure the progress.

Unfortunately, neither the State nor the Centre has roadmap for quality education system. Now a days education has become fully commercial especially from primary to intermediate levels of education. Governments do not have any mechanism to monitor the fee structures setup by the corporate groups.

However, the fee regulatory committee was setup for UG and PG courses in our State and the same shall be expected for classes from I to XII also. Further the vigilance committee should be formed, and they should be allowed to inspect these institutions regularly under the control of district Collector level. I believe these measures may sort out fee issue to some extent and may ensure the reachability of quality education to all people irrespective of their economic status.

- Dr G Raj Kumar, Khammam

Govt needs to learn from neighbouring States

In wake of Narayana Corporate college incident and IIIT Basara turmoil, that eventually resulted in hanging of one of the student's necessitated examination of State's 'apathy' towards Public Sector educational prospective. We appreciate the transformation as phenomenal where school education resembles University standards in AP through implementation of 'Mana Nadi-Nadu Nedu' programme, nonetheless it was not good enough to discourage the economically vulnerable/humble pupils and parents to opt the corporate colleges aspiring a splendid future. This demands an extension of the school level education to +2 level. At the same time, the Telangana government's deliberate ignorance towards the turmoil in IIIT- Basara effectuated the suicide of a student. This ignorance encourages, nothing but the Privatisation of education. Added to this is the subversion of 'Gurukulams' that catered good educational standards to the downtrodden pupils. Therefore, it is high and right time either to abolish the corporate education or alternatively legislate stringent laws to curb the corporatisation of education that make education a business

.- B Sunil Kumar, business, Hanumakonda

- Kota Devadanam, Rtd Addl Public Prosecutor, Bhadrachalam

Parents falling prey to pvt institutions

Private junior colleges luring the people with publicity in the name of quality education. Thinking wards' better future, below middle-class and middle-class falling prey to private colleges particularly at inter-level. The actual situation will be quite different from assurances made at the time of admission. Students will be classified into different sections in the name of merit and special care and best faculty teachers to brilliant batch and average knowledgeable and less salaried faculty will take classes to rest of the students. Besides ignoring students in the name of merit, managements has been charging hidden fees on students in the name of study material, tests, and special classes. Openly speaking, Government institutes inefficiency in imparting training for competitive exams like IIT and NEET along with regular inter became advantage to private colleges to trap the students and to mint the money with a tag of "realise your dreams through us "

-A Bhaskar, Computer Faculty, Nalgonda

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