Healthcare system needs some booster shots

Healthcare system needs some booster shots

Healthcare system needs some booster shots


Public health in India includes epidemiological, demographical, environmental changes and social determinants of health

Public health in India includes epidemiological, demographical, environmental changes and social determinants of health. The role of the government in improving the public health is not limited to health sector but to many sectors outside the health system. The regulation of the public by government is very vital.

Health of population depends on living conditions, nutrition, safe drinking water, sanitisation, education and social security measures. So far major public health problems like malaria, tuberculosis, leprosy, HIV have been controlled to the larger extent but still need to be eradicated completely and thus remains a burden on the health system.

The rising of road injuries and deaths come next to silent epidemics like tobacco chewing, mental and neurological disorders. Health is related to income, education, occupation and gender. An effective system of regulation is fundamental to success of public health outcome whereby it decreases exposure to disease through enforcement of sanitisation, hygiene and food safety.

Development of community wise educational programmes and other health promotional activities need to be strengthened and same is needed to extended in the rural areas. The public health foundation of India is a positive step for it strengthen training, research and policy development in public health. Public health requires a road map to better health for all that can be used by States, communities, professional organisations like IMA and all other sectors. School health, mental health, referral system and urban health remain a weak link in India's health system.

Revival of rural health infrastructure, elementary education and nutrition programme along with integrated child development services (ICDS) would certainly contribute towards public health. Population stabilisation, reducing the impact of climate and disaster on health are equally important in improving public health.

Community participation with effective addressing of public health challenges in cooperation with private sectors, civil societies, health workers, communities, other national and international health agencies play a vital role in public health system. Challenges that threaten the health of the population, it becomes important that the government and community should rise to face the challenges.

Social determinants of health and economic issues must be dealt with which will be valuable service to the concept of right to health. Since Indian Medical Association (IMA) deals with the healthcare system, it becomes imperative social responsibility to help, participate in promotion of public health.

Dr B N Rao, president elect, Telangana State IMA

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