India needs none other than Modi

India needs none other than Modi

The political atmosphere looks like a cauldron, everybody making his effort to show the rival as unfit and using the novel invectives to corner the...

The political atmosphere looks like a cauldron, everybody making his effort to show the rival as unfit and using the novel invectives to corner the rival contender. We are here to assess the party and its leader evaluating the earlier performance as leader rather than what he or his party is going to do if elected.

There are no takers for the manifestos and that are drafted to woo the gullible votes, once they come to power they conveniently forget the promises penned in the manifesto.

The Congress has been a miserable failure from Nehru down to present Gandhi clan. Nehru and his daughter and grandson ruled the nation as if it is their fiefdom and the corruption is institutionalised by them and their long misrule resulted in the mega scams erupted during the last phase of Congress rule under the de facto prime ministership of Sonia .

People were so fed up with the damage caused by the party, they sent them home, not allowing them to claim even the opposition member status. Instead of admitting their grave mistakes the party is trying to get back to the power projecting infantile Rahul as the leader of the party.

About other leaders in the splinter groups like spent force Mulayam Singh and young opportunistic Akhilesh , Raging Mamata Banerjee, frustrated Chandrababu Naidu, blabberer KCR, caste-based megalomaniac Mayawati , foul-mouthed Kejriwal , the less said ,the better. They do not have the stature to lead the mighty nation. The only strong option is Narendra Modi.

Keeping aside personal diatribe , Modiji can legitimately claim that his government in the first spell has exceeded expectations in critical areas compared to the other parties that ruled the nation earlier.

He may not have achieved the desired results in the demonetisation experiment though it has its own merits. The GST, initially caused certain headaches to the industries and also to small and medium entrepreneurs.

The inconveniences have been rationalised later and now made it an acceptable one. People feels secure that India is in the safe hands of Modi government, he is able to isolate rogue state Pakistan shrewdly using diplomatic skills, maintaining superb bilateral relations with all super powers including Muslim countries that checked the aggression of ever poaching China.

A single strong leader is the need of the hour, to continue the reforms left halfway, he should be given a second chance with solid mandate to enhance the Indian image among the world leaders.

As a leader he has all the unique qualities, he is a proven honest man and ran the government free of scams ,the Ayushman Bharat scheme proving a boon to the people ,he is vigilant in guarding the nation borders and above all he has not taken a single leave and worked with redoubled vigour for the safety and security and development of nation ,nepotism and flattery are kept at a distance and always thinks about the countries development .Remember a leader is one who sets an example with his performance .

Of course Narendra Modi is combative by nature .He has been fighting since his childhood ,he fought poverty as child ,fought an established hierarchy as a determined outsider ,fought the adverse media and the then persecution of government over the Gujarat/Godhra riots, fought the dynasty which labelled him 'Maut ka Saudagar", fought the social prejudice and presently he is now fighting for his legacy.

Who deserves to be the leader of the nation than the Modi with such praiseworthy qualities?

At this critical juncture, more than that Modi requiring the seat of Prime Minister, country needs his bold leadership .

Hope the country's electorate wisely exercise their franchise rising above caste, creed, religion and region and bring back Modi with solid majority .Yes we need a benevolent, articulate dictator Modi to lead the nation than the self -centred spineless power mongers.

Rama Krishna M, Kakinada

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